Thunder Moon

Western Astrology Lies

Full moon as seen in Sagittarius NOT Aquarius during this #thundermoon as the western astrology systems are telling us this July 23rd… why they lying for?

Full Thunder Moon as seen via a sky view app actually in the constellation of Sagittarius

Western astrology is based on a fixed system of set constellations loosely inspired by what can be seen in our sky, western astro is not a snapshot of reality but actually a fabricated system, pure illusion and distortion.

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Hair Like Water, Wavy Like the Sea

Hair. Straightened, bleached, coloured, curled, relaxed, suffocated under layers of toxic products, few are the women (and even men nowadays) who accept their natural hair or head as it is.

Marketing campaign after marketing campaign, product after product, they’ve destroyed our self-esteem, we’ve lost faith in our ability to love ourselves as we are, replaced it with the quest for an illusion that is ever-changing and most times, just out of reach.

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Multidimensional Musings

Mankind has done some good and bad things. It seems things continue in the logical flow of how things work here, for now. It also seems that it is impossible for us to know what we do not know, for now. This is obviously normal, you’ll say…

Yet, what intrigues me the most is the lack of desire amongst us to know more than before, and maybe with this acquired knowing even avoid repeating the same vicious cycles that have been playing out for such a long time now.

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Kill Your TV

I will always remember the first reaction I got from someone when they found out I had no TV, it was a co-worker about 6 years ago… he was gobsmacked and blurted, “but where does your sofa point to?!”

For your information, it points towards other seats, so that when people are sat in them they can talk to each other instead of staring at a screen, ignoring each other and stuffing their faces mindlessly. Some of them point towards windows to look out of, other’s are cosy corners to read in, fancy that.

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Check Yourself

Check yourself like you check your plants, animals and children. Are you dehydrated? Do you need more light? Better nutrition?

How are you speaking to and about yourself? Is it soft and sweet like a rose? How are you speaking to others, or about them? Is it a tornado full of thorns?

Regardless of who is the receiver and whether you vocalise any of it or not, those thoughts code, that brain makes waves on the fabric of our cosmic ocean, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant they may be. Nothing is lost, energy flows all around us, so be mindful of what you are cultivating in your mind garden.

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Fellow Star Child

The Sorting House – Flowering Wisdom, doodle art kindly created by Lucidly Lucy

A wise person once said, nothing stays the same, everything changes, this is both the good and the bad news. So don’t run from it, don’t hide.

Really feel the moment you are in for you will never get it back, the details are important, stay attentive, stay creative. Don’t run from it, don’t hide.

Feel into all of its expanse, nice or nasty, feel the lessons it is bringing you, let it pass through you. Don’t run from it, don’t hide.

Even in the darkest of nights, and the brightest of days, this life is yours to experience in every single way. Don’t run from it, don’t hide.

With every situation, whether you perceive it as good or bad, a whole field of possibility is opening up for you. Don’t run from it, don’t hide.

The only thing that makes the difference is the choices you decide to take, every second of every day, this life is literally yours to make. Don’t run from it, don’t hide.

Stand bold, dive deep within yourself, curiouser and curiouser, the present is yours in all its ugly splendour and magnificent beauty, so certainly don’t you run from it and don’t you dare hide fellow star child.

Celtic Tree-scopes

Always fascinated by trees, their shapes, sizes, types and temperaments, literally amazed by their intricate evolution but for some reason, I never got around to learning how to identify them (yet).

Today, completely randomly, I learnt that in Celtic culture they would track the passage of time on a lunar calendar over 13 months, as opposed to the Gregorian system of 12 that most of us live by nowadays (I’ve since discovered there is doubt to the historical and mathematical validity of a 13-month lunar calendar system within Celtic and other ancient cultures).

I also learnt that trees are an integral part of a Celtic divination system, similar to how tracking and analysing the stars led some of our ancestors to develop astrology systems.

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Five a Day? Try Again.

Organic, in-season and locally grown by a lovely couple in the area

Most people suffer intense cognitive dissonance, they cannot accept that those up top, those running things on an international level and making decisions that concern most of us, do not care for us, or about us in the slightest.

The truth is that our global corporations, institutions, authorities, foundations and even charities of a certain notoriety are all motivated by power, control, money, growth and margins, and rarely by protecting our personal health and what is truly best for humanity in the longterm.

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