Who’s in the Driving Seat?

Updated 14 July 2022 – Original post from 22 November 2019

Etang de Thau, Sète, France

Who’s in the driving seat?

Since birth, almost everything we have learned through media, marketing and industry has been to program us, to take from us, in energy and finance. Aren’t you truly tired of it all?

The current system is organised to provide us with an illusion of choice, an end goal of material possession and ego recognition that keeps the greedy wheels of our industrial, colonialist society turning on autopilot. What happened to us?

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Nature Therapy

Updated 6 October 2022 – Original 19 November 2019

Memories of a place not yet destroyed by mankind 🌲

“I did not give to anyone the responsibility for my life. It is mine, I made it. And can do what I want to with it. Live it. Give it back, someday, without bitterness, to the wild and weedy dunes.”

Mary Oliver

“She is learning
to see the beauty
in the waiting,
in the failing,
in the letting go.”


Do You Eat American Express?

Updated 4 August 2022 – Original 13 November 2019

Do you eat American Express?

Plastic is everywhere, killing wildlife and polluting our beautiful places, but even if you couldn’t care less about any of that, did you know that we humans, yes even you, are actually ingesting about the equivalent of a credit card in microplastic EACH week? Mostly through water but also beer and seafood and all other manner of things you probably wouldn’t even imagine.

Although we can easily ignore the state of things from our positions of comfort and privilege, do we really want to be consuming this amount of hormone-disrupting, disease-causing chemicals every week until we die? What about our children? Our pets? Not really.

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Ignoring Knowledge is Sickness

Focus on what you can change. 💙

It can be difficult to see outside of ourselves and our little world.
We become so focused on the limitations we are personally experiencing.
We cannot, or might not want to, feel and see the pain others are experiencing.

Yet when we actively do something kind for someone else or something good for the environment (and expect nothing in return). The negative thoughts we have on the current state of affairs leave space for positivity, inspiration and love.

It’s too easy to worry, stress or get angry about things that are actually out of our control, but it won’t achieve much unless we can successfully convert these emotions into action.

A skill many of us need to hone, otherwise, we feel overwhelmed. This pushes us into a state of self-imposed ignorance and inaction in a bid to cope with the uncomfortable truths our existence stirs up.

Instead, we can try focusing our energy on identifying the things that are within our control and taking little but conscious steps to improve them. Remember this quote by Lao Tzu, “knowing ignorance is strength; ignoring knowledge is sickness.”

You can heal yourself. 💙

Text inspired by a piece on @dailymudras

Everything (that matters) IS Nature

Post updated 30 August 2022 – Original post 29 October 2019

One that is not in harmony with nature, is not in harmony with themselves.

“In our busy modern lives, it’s easy to forget that we are a part of nature.
We know that vibrant green vistas soothe us. Vast wilderness inspires us.
The limitless clusters of stars in the night sky fill us with aching wonder. And yet it’s easy to feel detached from it all.”

Sandy Sitron

However detached we become, we must not forget that without nature there is no life. Without life, there is no you and without you there is nothing.
Everything is everything and everything is nature.

Are you making time to reconnect with that forgotten part of you, to appreciate it and protect it? 🌱