No Fear – A Spell

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'No Fear - A Spell' is adapted from my post on Instagram.
No Fear – If letters make up words, and they are used to spell, and songs are made of words, are songs used to cast spells?

“I will NOT live in paralysis.

I do not care what the system knows.

I will not run, not run, not run.

I am a warrior of love.

No fear.

I build my armour stronger.

No fear.

No fear.” – this is what I hear when Donna Missal sings on this Rudimental and Martinez Brothers’ track but the “A.I. generated” lyrics beg to differ.

Different sites, different things but the machine-recorded versions are all pretty axed against human greatness.

Knowing the power of words, music, frequency and vibrations on us as living, organic beings mostly composed of water. Knowing how water has memory, how water structures itself based on what it sees, feels and hears… and how our cells, made mostly of water form our incredible but susceptible-to-infiltration Organic Intelligence.

Lush Documentary: Water Has a Memory –
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“Non-invasive” Mistakes

This post was originally posted to my Instagram page 

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- What is seen on screen is often manipulated and technically not "real". 

- Avoid comparing yourself and your life with curated images and content. 

- Take social media and screen breaks often, even from the turd on the telly / radio / news. 

- Turn it off. Reconnect with yourself and the purity of your heart. 

- The simplicity of nature helps to balance the synthetic assault on life, my advice to any who are suffering and feeling drained: 

- Go be one with the wild, savage and clean air in spaces far from urban sprawl, bad juju and toxic compounds.

After watching a couple of documentaries on the subject of the modern beauty industry and the rise of Cosmetic procedures, at an increasingly younger age (in French on YouTube, shared to my Francophone tele group, link in bio if you want to watch, they might have subtitles idk). It reminds me of how too many young people are falling prey to our modern inversions around appearances.

When all we see on screen and amongst us is fake, there is no doubt why it becomes difficult to sit with the reality of things. Especially if one doesn’t feel that they naturally fit into the current dictate of what is seemingly desirable and “getting work done” has become so commonplace and expected a “solution”.

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Time to Get Ugly │ Fertile Resistance

When the means of subsisting correctly have slipped into the hands of psychopaths, there must be fertile resistance from those that wish to keep living outside of this assault.

Image Credit: La Relève et La Peste
For time this need for fertile resistance has been established and evident for all who search and ponder.

If there is any doubt about the need for fertile resistance outside of these mega-systems on your part then please move along, get the pricks and the chips. Do as you are told without further a do OR devote yourself now to learning something new.

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Foraging and Frolicking

Foraging wild plants for food, medicinal or cosmetic purposes is one of the many ways of developing a meaningful connection to our earth.

The earth we all depend on as earth beings and that makes our lives possible to begin with!

Oft forgotten, minimised or shunned, this ancestral, vital, unsynthesized, natural connection is sadly overlooked by many these days, yet is likely to be the missing part of the puzzle that helps harmonise all the woes we face.

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Yet Still She Calls Us

When spending time with Nature, looking at all her forms and expressions, we realise that she is beautiful because she is alive.

Even in terrible harshness, sharp and scarring, barren and bare. Even in death she breathes and allows the current of life to linger and flow. Inspired, we could accomplish so much from that impulsion to grow (undoubtedly provided this be natural and not synthetically provoked).

Yet synthetically provoked, favoured in this modern man’s world, most of it is already dead anyway. Plugged in yet disconnected. Another intelligence, unnatural, artificial.

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Appearance Based Value

Why is value often based on appearance rather than values these days?

Artist Unknown

For too long, I was under the illusion that I had to conform in so many spheres just to have the right to even exist.

Thanks to the experiences I’d had in life, I often categorised and judged the value I could bring based on my appearance and capacity to assimilate the latest trends and ideals. Thus considered through the lens of a twisted, ever-changing synthetic beauty and fashion industry rather than anything based on wholesome, natural truth.

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Choose the News

“A handful of us determine what will be on the…news broadcasts, or for that matter, the [newspapers]… Indeed it is a handful of us with this awesome power…we must decide which news items, out of hundreds available, we are going to expose that day. And those [news stories] available to us already have been culled and re-culled by persons far outside our control.”

Walter Cronkite Jr.

Do you believe that everything reported to you is true when it comes from what you have deemed “reputable” sources or are you capable of more pondering despite your biases?

30th May 2022 – New Moon No Moon

New Moon No Moon is in Taurus right now, with our Sun, there are no heavenly bodies in the constellation of Gemini whatsoever, take a look for yourself using an Astronomical Sky Viewing App or by learning about the night sky and plotting the observable positions yourself without the use of modern technology if you prefer, either way, if you claim to be a truth seeker then stop relying on others who do NOT study the actual positions of the cosmos to tell you and take responsibility for where you invest your energy.

Most know not what they do and are communicating erroneous positions from false, fixed calculations, or blatantly lying with juxtapositions based in outdated and dead systems – be wary of who you repost, be wary of what you say, ain’t no Gemini about this season, so why are you being led to believe so?

If you’d like assistance in connecting with our natural, observable, living sky, please get in touch with Claudette @akacloudette and find out how to join our growing community of curious stargazers via Skystrology.

When are you going to start looking up? Asking more questions? Connecting to what is? We are expecting you 🌠❤

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Sona Jobarteh re: Decolonization

Recently I was blessed to discover Sona Jobarteh playing the Kora live with her band of equally talented musicians, I didn’t personally film until the very end of the concert because I wanted to be present. To give you an idea, I’ve taken this video that is much better quality from Youtube:

Not only did I feel the music incredibly profound, beautiful and emotional. The skills of all the musicians, the vibes, their humanity and their presence on the closing night in Toulouse were truly touching.

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