Born in the Wrong Body

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Our body is the ONLY body we have.

How can we be born in the wrong body?

We were born into physical awareness with only this body.

I’m of the opinion then, that it’s IMPOSSIBLE for us ever to find ourselves living in the “wrong” body. To suggest or enable this amongst us is pure madness.

If we didn’t have the naturally given body that we do, we wouldn’t have ANYTHING as we wouldn’t be alive and aware of being so. Then, at which point can it even become wrong? When somebody else decrees it so or we compare ourselves to another?

Depending on how twisted the society we live amongst is, it’s increasingly possible to foster a more or less passionate belief that what one has in this incredible vehicle for consciousness, AKA our body, could be less than “desirable”.

After all, there are significant industries that exist in fueling this perspective. Simply because we have embraced doubt in our natural perfection and have become detached from truth in nature. Never mind that this is all very profitable for someone?!

It’s all total INVERSION, whether it’s “gender reassignment” or cosmetic surgery, avoiding signs of inevitable ageing or whatever. Fight me on it if you so wish. Just my belief is that physically changing any aspect of oneself in a synthetic way, permanently, all in a bid to “accept” oneself is not it. How is changing truly accepting what is? It’s twisted and this increasingly normalised inversion amongst us is real!

Not to mention that the apparently easy and superficial “solution” of synthetically faking anything robs us of what appears to be profound lessons. A vital journey awaits any soul that’s embarked on the work of gaining wisdom through acceptance of being. Lessons and inner work that could well lead us to a certain liberation and natural harmony. Even if it’s a path that certainly doesn’t seem effortless in our current climate of manmade change.

As discord, money, illusions, appearances and material matters are the gold standard in most of our realities these days, many are accepting the seemingly simple “solutions” so conveniently being offered to apparently “remedy” our perceived physical “problems”. Too many to count have come under the spell.

It looks as though the die has indeed been cast for our so-called “radiant” future as chemically “augmented” figments of someone else’s fucked-up imagination. Resist this occult push to transhumanism disguised as acceptance I will, no matter how trying or hard it may be sometimes. For in each challenge that we manage to overcome, especially when in harmony with nature, is surely where true radiance and the proverbial gold are contained.

When all is said and done, we are nature and to nature, we return.

Do you think we really can be born in the wrong body? Or could it be more likely that our natural body is born into a synthetic society that’s wrong?

Well said by Freya Kellet – woman winning at natural acceptance –

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