Recipe: Creamy Polenta and Baked Polenta “Fries” aka Chips

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Easy Creamy Polenta turned baked Polenta “fries” with the leftovers – adaptable for whatever the occasion and dietary requirements – can be made Vegetarian, Vegan or Flexi.

Saucy aubergines, baked Polenta chips and garden-fresh salad.

By popular demand after posting this photo of a recent lunch to my Instagram Story. Behold two recipes in one, or one recipe for two meals should I say?

Whatever your dietary preferences, always choose the highest quality ingredients because you deserve it. To quote an old friend, “Money spent on good food is never money wasted.”

By no means an expert, keep reading to get my tips and take on it or Jump to Easy Polenta – Creamy Polenta – Baked Polenta Chips Recipe.

What is creamy polenta?

Creamy Polenta is a north Italian dish made of ground cornmeal not dissimilar to the Grits of the southern USA.

Polenta purists would chase me right out of town for even considering the “instant” Polenta version I’m sure. Don’t worry, if you are opting for Organic as standard then it isn’t genetically modified Frankenfood. Instant or quick cook Polenta is simply Italian cornmeal that is more finely ground and therefore cooks very quickly (approx. 5 mins) compared to the long cook (approx. 40 mins) of the coarse version.

I tend not to try and make life more complicated than it needs to be. At least not when it comes to cooking Polenta dishes. Given the state of our food industries and the world at large, I cook to control the ingredients and quality of food that I eat, not to spend endless hours in the kitchen. Plus Polenta in all of its varieties really isn’t my fave thing to eat. I suppose a Polenta purist might argue that is because I opt for the easy quick-cook version. Personally, I would live off a combination of potato dishes and pizza if there were no repercussions but nutritional variety is key to health and maybe even the spice of life, as they say.

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Recipe: Chocolate Brownies Easy and Quick Gluten-Free, Vegan

Homemade Chocolate Brownies… mmm.

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Even though reducing our consumption of chocolate and sugar probably ought to be a priority for anyone wishing to have the least negative impact on their planet and body. Let’s be real, sometimes you just need to indulge and I’m not here to judge…

Let me paraphrase an eccentric sport and health coach who once said,

“Better a happy [Chocolate brownie] than a sad salad”.

So with that in mind, should one absolutely must… It’s much better for all involved to handmake these Chocolate Brownies from whole, fair and organic ingredients. That way, you have more control over the quality and quantities. Rather than buying dodgy mass-produced, mystery flavour-packs of pre-fabricated, questionable and chemically-laden products made by these faceless corporations, machines and robots that certainly don’t care about the planet or your well-being. No matter how many green and ‘nice’ keywords words figure on the packaging, homemade – with love by real people is always best.

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