Lymphatics: One FREE, Quick & Easy Way to Start Improving your Life & Health Now

Regardless of what is going on in the outside world.

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LOLz at the click-baity title that makes it seem I’ve been assimilated by the *influenzers but actually this is genuinely how passionate I am about this revolution in my life. Obviously, as I love you all very much, I simply must share in the hopes that many others can benefit too.

*A combination of the words ‘influencer’ and ‘influenza’

That’s right, I’ve recently discovered more about one of the many wonders of our human bodies: the lymphatic system.

What is the Lymphatics?

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Simply put, the lymphatic system is a vital ensemble that regulates and impacts numerous other bodily functions. Its optimal performance is ESSENTIAL in keeping us alive, preferably with flourishing health.

For most people, this system functions unnoticed until there is inflammation. At this point, the major lymph nodes might start to feel noticeably sore as they work hard to assist detoxification in the body.

Lymphatic Complications

Debilitating symptoms can develop when the lymphatic system is unbalanced. Subsequently resulting in oft-extreme swelling and fluid retention in areas of the body (lymphoedema). This can either be due to lymph dysfunction directly or via secondary effects of biological programs such as cancer or other so-called diseases. Some are even born with hereditary lymphatic challenges. For those cases, dedicated lymphatic protocols need to be explored in more detail with the assistance of professional, holistically-minded carers.

As I’m not a medical professional, nor am I an expert in biology or anything like that, I’ll avoid getting too technical. If that’s your bag, you can refer to some of the extensive scientific content that exists.

Unless you have any serious medical condition that requires direct monitoring by professionals, the basics of lymphatic massage ARE accessible to most and easy to grasp. I think anyone in this case really can start using lymphatic massage and literally begin to change their life today.

Thankfully, we now have access to educational resources without going to the ends of the earth. Anyone with access to the internet can hunt down quality sources, learn about and apply this wisdom to improve their well-being and general existence.

Keep reading for my take on why we should ALL be offering our bodies this kind of uncomplicated, free, yet vital support. Regardless of the state of the outside world, who we are, where we come from and what our story is.

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Lolita: Reading ‘Lolita’ in France

Lecture time for 'Lolita: Reading Lolita in France' is approx. 7-10 minutes. If you prefer to listen to me reading this article, find the audio for 'Lolita: Reading Lolita in France' using the search tool in The Sorting House group on Telegram. * Correction: Nabokov published Lolita in 1955, not 1954.
Lolita: Reading Lolita in France
‘Young Girl and Her Kitten Reading by a Fireside’ by James Pelham (1800-1874)


A little backstory; I’ve been consuming one of the random publications that I found amongst a pile of English language books once gifted and subsequently living in my house. It’s called ‘Reading Lolita in Tehran’ by Azar Nifisi. Apparently, a NY Times bestseller, I know not of the author, the acclaimed book or the subjects within and it certainly wasn’t my first choice. After smashing through the most visually appealing of this freebie bunch, I was left with the stragglers that I had to decide between by actually studying the blurbs on the back. Yes, initially I heavily judged these books by their covers. Come on, even if we technically shouldn’t, who actually doesn’t?

After some years of reading almost exclusively in French, the ease of reading again in my mother tongue always delights, especially compared to the clunkiness of my comprehension en Français. As an aside, you may or may not have noticed there is a new tab up on the Menu bar of this website named ‘Resources’. I mention it because I’ve decided to start listing the books available in English (as well as podcasts, playlists, artists etc.) that I enjoy, in no particular order, so that other anglophones looking for inspiration might peruse them, and maybe even enjoy them too. AND, if feeling particularly bold, might even wish to discuss with me further, on The Sorting House telegram group or IRL.

Anyway, upon greedily consuming the most appealing of these few books that had by way of “coincidence” found themselves in my library amongst a sea of many read, half-read and unread French and English language titles. There I was, floating in a ferocious desire to continue digesting these new, second-hand books written in a language I feel most comfortable in, I finally decided to start ‘Reading Lolita in Tehran’ by Azar Nifisi. The issue being that it’s a biographical book by an English literature professor, and it discusses many great works – many of which I haven’t actually read. Hmm, turns out this choice was not so comfortable after all.

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Healthcare Workers Still Un-Cack-Scene-Hated

Reading time for 'Healthcare Workers Still Un-Cack-Scene-Hated' is approx. 10-16 minutes. Search for the audio in The Sorting House group on Telegram.
Healthcare workers.

Recently I learned that many countries have reintegrated the excluded healthcare workers.

For my own peace the past few years I have sought to learn and say less about our most recent “health crisis”. However, given how close this hits home, I just can’t keep it shut anymore.

Most healthcare workers gave their all in a provoked climate of fear. Yet the nations saw fit to accolade them by tapping on pans, whilst their unscrupulous colleagues racked in the likes for bravely dancing on the front lines of social media.

Admittedly, healthcare workers have been pushed to the limits of what’s generally considered reasonable in our so-called civilised societies for as long as the industry has existed. Can we cut them some slack for letting off steam in this way? I’m not so sure.

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Is Astrology Wrong?

For some people, even just a whiff of discussion regarding anything to do with astrology will be enough to have their eyes rolling back in dismissal. Some of us may be indifferent either way. Whilst others ignorantly adhere to an astrology system, consult astrologers, and consume astrology apps or astrology sites with religious regularity.

Extract of Conversations on the Plurality of Worlds (1686) Bernard Le Bovier de Fontenelle.
A treatise contributing to the journey away from astrology towards science and astronomy; featuring Copernican heliocentrism and Descartes’ conception of mechanical physics.

Given what I’ve observed over the last few years, I think even if most know their alleged Sun Sign, they would still scoff at anyone seriously entertaining such “pseudoscientific” practices like astrology these days. After all, most “trust the science” and the science of today marks a distinct split in what was once a unified field of study. Yep, I’m referencing that gaping chasm that has been increasingly separating astronomy from astrology.

Those with an interest in Astro history or observing the night sky will be smirking now, “duh, obviously!” For the rest that may be thinking, “huh?” Let’s break it down, shall we?

Many sympathisers of astrology don’t realise that what’s discussed within an astrological framework concerning the positions of planets and heavenly happenings is built on illusory fabrications. Astrology speaks of planetary placements that don’t align with anything that’s physically observable. Not with our given senses, not in the sky, nor an astronomical framework.

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Born in the Wrong Body

Artist Unknown

Our body is the ONLY body we have.

How can we be born in the wrong body?

We were born into physical awareness with only this body.

I’m of the opinion then, that it’s IMPOSSIBLE for us ever to find ourselves living in the “wrong” body. To suggest or enable this amongst us is pure madness.

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Growth Takes Root in the Dark

Growth takes root in the Dark.

After, there must be warmth.




AKA the correct nourishment.

If these things are not present in unrefined abundance then the natural expression of life will falter, the quality of experience will degrade, the organic vessel that permits it will cease to function at full capacity and reliance on synthetics will become the most convenient…

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In this Paradise

“We’ve got the power to do something” – Mo’Kalamity

To that lost little girl or boy with festering hurt and sadness, dislocated family, circles of close ones that poison you further, to those born on the brink of a revolution, that live through trying trials and deep dark nights, yet who can rise victorious from every battle for their soul and attempts to sacrifice their physical vessels to energetic pirates and parasites.

To those that find we have no honest history that explains the deep-reaching roots that have survived despite setting out on twisted and polluted terrains with rabid enemies, many of which have something to gain through all this manipulation and manufactured pain.

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