On Fertile Future Freedoms

Today I am not uploading (yet another) archive post, nor am I bringing you new words from my being but actually words born of another that I recently discovered @slowdownfarmstead on Substack – if you resonate or feel moved to discuss, please also consider subscribing and supporting the author Tara using her links at the end of the post.

counterfeit comestibles

Written by Tara at Slowdown Farmstead for Substack

So much of what I’m going to touch on here must be augmented with an understanding of the globalization of our planet and how the corporate players that got us into this hot mess are the same ones holding themselves up as messiahs of salvation. If we buy their solutions to the problems they created, we are headed into the dark wood without a compass. They hold up promises to get us out of our predicament, but only if we are dutiful and listen to what must be done. Of course, what must be done further ensures the destruction of our mother earth, our bodies and spirits, and the increasing serfdom of humans dependent on soylent green factory slop in order to live. There are some references at the bottom of this essay to help put some of this in context if what I’m writing seems in anyway far fetched to you. Please feel free to share your own so we can all continue to learn together.

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Coincidence is Called

I found this post in my drafts and don’t exactly know when nor how it got so full, nor can I find the more refined original. I must have been on one, wrote out my feelings and then doubted myself and never posted it at the time, but alas here it is now.

Updated 22 July 2022 from draft post 8 March 2022.

TLDR: “And obviously, none of that means we can’t create harmonies of joy and beauty amongst the grotesque twang of reality or share silly memes about the absurdity of it all. In the meme-time, we can heal with creativity, harmony and laughter, so harmonise, laugh and share memes we shall.”

I truly am sorry to hear that so many people have been falling ill. If it isn’t the recently administered experimental pharmaceuticals or the upheld toxicity of increasingly synthetic lifestyles, then I’m sure the manufactured psychological games purposefully inflicted upon the unwitting masses haven’t helped anyone’s condition.

Naturally, we hoped that the madness of it all would at least serve as a catalyst for seeing the mess that’s before us and the actions we can take to create something different.

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