The Essence of Yoga

“As unnecessary as a well is to a village on the banks of a river, so unnecessary are all scriptures to someone who has seen the truth…
When your understanding has passed beyond the thicket of delusions, there is nothing you need to learn from even the most sacred scripture. Indifferent to scriptures, your mind stands by itself, unmoving, absorbed in deep meditation.
This is the essence of yoga.”

The Bhagavad Gita

Can We Buy Happiness?

“Happiness is buzz word, happiness is sold, bought.

People attached to the material when our spiritual lives were depleted, to finally fade imperceptibly and give way to this neat image that advertisements, that society refers us to.

The path to happiness is long, we manage to identify it when it radiates around us, and when it encounters another radiance from another being in passing; then by resonance, it comes back to us.

This warm feeling, soft as a caress, this energy which transforms perception, this energy of an unimaginable force which leaves no room for doubt … the force increases tenfold, becomes clearer, beauty is seen, it radiates .. . “

Sarah Marquis
Quote from the French version of her book ‘Deserts d’Altitude‘ –
Unofficially translated by Natacha Neveu @thesortinghouse

My Path Has Been Different

Sunset at the Etang de Thau, Sète, France

“At times, I am thirsty for knowledge, I would like to be able to know the different civilizations of this planet, physics, or to be able to decipher nature and its mysteries with the eyes of a scientist.

My path has been different, not better or worse, just different …”

 Sarah Marquis
Quote from the French version of her book ‘Deserts d’Altitude‘ –

Unofficially translated by Natacha Neveu @thesortinghouse

Hidden Talents

Sunset at L’Etang de Thau, Marseillan

“That’s why each one of us has unique talents, even if, for most people, these talents remain deeply hidden within them, waiting for nothing more than to be released and cultivated. Besides, discovering our talents is actually a way to discover our mission… Most people feel obligated to do the things they have always done, even when it doesn’t allow them to flourish. They even forbid themselves to listen to their deepest desires, persuaded that they will lead nowhere. When it is actually the exact opposite. It is not our superficial desires dictated by our society, but actually our deepest desires that are the clues to follow to advance along the path of our mission.”

“I’m inclined to believe that each one of us has a destiny, indeed, it would be a shame to let that pass by…now I’m not necessarily saying that it involves any grandiose mission. It could be something more humble, but it is often that which appears anodyne that really counts in the world you know. We have a tendency to think it is the great leaders that have forged the course of history. In reality that’s not always completely true. Everyone, by their actions, by their speech, their state of being and emotions, influence their entourage, and that then spreads just like undulating waves across the surface of water. Inevitably. Nothing is neutral…the reality is each one of us has an impact on the world. So when we have found our particular mission, we have a role to play, a role that is useful to humanity, to living things, to the universe.”

extracts from ‘Le jour où j’ai appris à vivre‘ by Laurent Gounelle – ‘The day that I learned to live’ quote unofficially translated by Natacha Neveu @thesortinghouse.
Lac du Salagou, Cirque de Mourèze

Satisfaction in Sobriety

“Naturally, it is not a question of advocating misery, but of inventing a new frugality which, today synonymous with deprivation, could become a source of satisfaction. Take part actively in the future, reclaim our choices, stop cooperating with the system that is crushing us: there is a challenge and pride in finding this form of sobriety. It is not easy of course. To be satisfied with what one needs – or with a real desire, not one conditioned by advertising and the latest trends – is a real discipline in a system where one is ordered daily to earn more to buy more and thus fuel sales and the profits of shareholders in large companies.”

Corinne Morel Darleux – ‘Plutôt couler en beauté que flotter sans grâce‘ ‘Better to Sink Beautifully than Float Without Grace’ quote unofficially translated by Natacha Neveu @thesortinghouse.

“il ne s’agit naturellement pas de prôner la misère, mais d’inventer une nouvelle frugalité qui, aujourd’hui synonyme de privations, puisse devenir source de satisfaction. prendre une part active à l’avenir, se réapproprier ses choix, cesser de coopérer avec le system qui nous broie: il y a du défi et de la fierté à retrouver dans cette forme de sobriété. ce n’est pas simple bien sûr. se contenter de ce dont on a besoin – ou une réelle envie, non conditionnée par la publicité et le dernier cri – est une vraie discipline dans un système où l’on est quotidiennement enjoint à gagner plus pour acheter plus et ainsi alimenter les ventes et les profits des détenteurs de parts de grande compagnies.”

Corinne Morel Darleux – ‘Plutôt couler en beauté que flotter sans grâce

Lions Eat Meat…

“There is an incredibly high social pressure within our collective conscience (to have certified qualifications, own an apartment, get a car, married by 30, make babies, buy a house, make a decent salary…).

We are made to believe that this is the best life. It’s an ideology, that of money. We talk constantly about the economy. However, in my opinion, what we call “economy” is legal predation. To make money, we destroy life.

Whether it is the whales, elephants or forests, it is all pseudo-economy. Humans are the only species playing a false note in the symphony of nature. Once we have squandered everything, polluted everything, degraded everything, we will realise that money cannot be eaten.

Certain people say that our overconsumption is due to the laws of survival of the fittest, the rules of the jungle. Yet if I was an animal, I’d be pretty pissed off at being compared to humans, as every other species functions in harmony with the rest.

A lion doesn’t stockpile antelope to sell to his mates. The lion takes just what he needs and doesn’t trouble nature’s symphony. Mankind accumulates, wastes, and is even taught that’s where happiness resides.”

Pierre Rabhi

Quote from ‘Graine’ by La Relève et La Peste unofficially translated by Natacha Neveu at @thesortinghouse.

It’s time to wipe out that broken record, rewrite the script, make a change.