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I remain open for it to find me.

“Don’t let corporations cook for you.”


Some other damn-good-things Michael Pollan gone done said, “It’s true, we’re way too busy, and working longer and longer hours. But consider that, in the last decade or so, we’ve all found two hours a day to be online outside of work. So where did we get THAT time? The day is still only 24 hours long. The point is we always find time for things we value – and we’ve come to devalue cooking…that was a big mistake…”

“As long as we let corporations do most of our cooking for us, our agriculture will continue to be dominated by giant monocultures of grain and animal factories. Big companies only know how to buy from big farms. That means the movement to build a more diversified and local agriculture can develop only so far…”

Take back this power now. Start by shopping locally for ingredients (with less packaging, favour loose bulk, organic & fair trade as much as possible) that you then make into your favourite meals and snacks for yourself. Why? It feels good to learn new things, challenge yourself. Plus it’s the satisfaction of caring for yourself and your planet. Why would you trust anyone else with something as important?