We Know Where We Belong

Please enjoy a rough poem, an untamed ode to our wild nature. An extension of gratitude to our cosmic mother from the undomesticated being within us. A reminder to reverence or a warning, an alarm that alerts you’ve possibly strayed too far, consider this a loving call to bring you back to all that you are,

Inspired by the art of strong women and the potent men gifted to us by them, forever dancing between two principles, finding that fine line of balance amongst all that is duality, working on the great sum of all paradox,

we know where we belong,

as savage as the wild animal,
as gentle as the summer breeze, misty mornings and dew dripping from delicate petals, in times of drought, in stagnation, we break, eroding, we lose parts of ourselves, we decay, we die over and over again, yet fearlessly, amongst it all we bring forth beauty and life, and all that is whole,

we know where we belong,

as relentlessly powerful, loving and persistent as the waves,
as nourishing and formative as the water, we carve, as brazenly destructive as the wildfire, cleansing with heat, floating like ashes, renewing, sinking in cold, switching, mirroring, reflecting, the same essence but different expressions, like sand and glass, like gas to solids, and vice versa, we alchemise, forever coding and decoding, intricately structuring, building all beings,

we know where we belong,

through endless dark nights and the depths of our souls, like the light of the sun, rhythmically blazing, in continued burning we rise, guided by the currents that sweep through our earthly mother, at one with our nature, inside and out, through all that is, was and will be, within us and without us, still we dance on the doorsteps of these tremendous worlds,

we know where we belong,

we walk with life, ushering a beginning whilst respecting the end, we breathe, we sing new frequencies into being and we heal generations both forwards and back, we are not separate from any of it, from the ground comes the fruit and then comes the seed,

we know where we belong,

not a single part of the sum can be subtracted from it at all, every single calculation, every single possibility, every last part, all of it lives within us, and still, we remember and we know exactly where we belong.

Natacha Neveu at The Sorting House

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