30th May 2022 – New Moon No Moon

New Moon No Moon is in Taurus right now, with our Sun, there are no heavenly bodies in the constellation of Gemini whatsoever, take a look for yourself using an Astronomical Sky Viewing App or by learning about the night sky and plotting the observable positions yourself without the use of modern technology if you prefer, either way, if you claim to be a truth seeker then stop relying on others who do NOT study the actual positions of the cosmos to tell you and take responsibility for where you invest your energy.

Most know not what they do and are communicating erroneous positions from false, fixed calculations, or blatantly lying with juxtapositions based in outdated and dead systems – be wary of who you repost, be wary of what you say, ain’t no Gemini about this season, so why are you being led to believe so?

If you’d like assistance in connecting with our natural, observable, living sky, please get in touch with Claudette @akacloudette and find out how to join our growing community of curious stargazers via Skystrology.

When are you going to start looking up? Asking more questions? Connecting to what is? We are expecting you 🌠❤

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Thunder Moon

Western Astrology Lies

Full moon as seen in Sagittarius NOT Aquarius during this #thundermoon as the western astrology systems are telling us this July 23rd… why they lying for?

Full Thunder Moon as seen via a sky view app actually in the constellation of Sagittarius

Western astrology is based on a fixed system of set constellations loosely inspired by what can be seen in our sky, western astro is not a snapshot of reality but actually a fabricated system, pure illusion and distortion.

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Skystrology ™

A beautiful Full Earth Moment – a term coined by akaClaudette meaning ‘full moon’ – shining at Sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea in France.

Sunrise, Moonset. ○●

Skystrology ™ acknowledges at least 15 constellations, it is not the same as Western, Vedic, True Sidereal or  13th Sign Astrology - the OutlandMethod used in Skystrology™ was founded and developed by Claudette Outland, akaCloudette.
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