Skystrology ™

SKYSTROLOGY A celestial language used to observe and record the natural connection between our Earth and our Sky. -
Are you curious about your connection to the sky and the nature that supports us unconditionally? 

Join us in the new Skystrology ™ community space - where you can learn about the Skystrology ™ perspective and methods, share your observations and grow with other curious souls in cosmic coherence - use the link below and don't forget to say who sent you (@thesortinghouse) ♡ I get extras :)

Read about my experience with Skystrology™ in this blog post.

– Visit to get your Skystrology ™ Sky (Natal Chart Correction). Subscribe to the Skystrology ™ Calendar and cosmic forecast podcast by akaCloudette.

– Check out the Skystrology ™ Q & A with Claudette below.