Thunder Moon

Western Astrology Lies

Full moon as seen in Sagittarius NOT Aquarius during this #thundermoon as the western astrology systems are telling us this July 23rd… why they lying for?

Full Thunder Moon as seen via a sky view app actually in the constellation of Sagittarius

Western astrology is based on a fixed system of set constellations loosely inspired by what can be seen in our sky, western astro is not a snapshot of reality but actually a fabricated system, pure illusion and distortion.

If you want to check the actual positions of our sun, moon and other celestial things at any given moment you can use a sky view app to assist, and you’ll see for yourself that western astrology is *respectfully* full of shit. Ideally, you’d learn the constellations that can be found above us in the night sky, and over time you’d come to realise what it meant for you when Mercury retrogrades in Gemini.

Now maybe you couldn’t care less about these things, but those who are following these distorted astrology systems are following nothing more than overt illusions, unwittingly conditioning their experience with nothing more than fallacies.

Why do I even care? I don’t, when those who wish to follow lies are aware of them, admit them and do not try to pass them off as truths to other unwitting bystanders. One can adorn themselves in all the lies they wish of course.

Yet many are preaching the untruthful positions of the celestial bodies to others as gospel. Many are unaware of the damage they could do and some prefer to maintain cognitive dissonance in spite of knowing better.

Firstly, I can’t help but wonder why that is, knowing the farce and maintaining it? Personally, it isn’t something I’m willing to just allow to play out in my reality plus I have no chill. There needs to be some kind of equilibrium at least, we cannot continue to honour so many lies as truth or we will continue to see the madness unfolding before us.

Everyone is free to do as they please, of course, it just makes more sense to me to actually become an observer of what is rather than taking others’ words and distortions for the one true verity. No matter how glittery and polished they may appear, who knows where they are actually leading you. Exploring the actual positions of the planets, what that means for you and contributing to a new comprehension based in truth is possible.

So I invite you to join us with this new awareness, look up, and bask in the cosmic waters exactly as they are. One doesn’t need any special knowledge to just be with the stars above as we already contain this within, we are made of stardust…

Skystrology by @akacloudette

Updated 30th January 2022

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