“Non-invasive” Mistakes

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- What is seen on screen is often manipulated and technically not "real". 

- Avoid comparing yourself and your life with curated images and content. 

- Take social media and screen breaks often, even from the turd on the telly / radio / news. 

- Turn it off. Reconnect with yourself and the purity of your heart. 

- The simplicity of nature helps to balance the synthetic assault on life, my advice to any who are suffering and feeling drained: 

- Go be one with the wild, savage and clean air in spaces far from urban sprawl, bad juju and toxic compounds.

After watching a couple of documentaries on the subject of the modern beauty industry and the rise of Cosmetic procedures, at an increasingly younger age (in French on YouTube, shared to my Francophone tele group, link in bio if you want to watch, they might have subtitles idk). It reminds me of how too many young people are falling prey to our modern inversions around appearances.

When all we see on screen and amongst us is fake, there is no doubt why it becomes difficult to sit with the reality of things. Especially if one doesn’t feel that they naturally fit into the current dictate of what is seemingly desirable and “getting work done” has become so commonplace and expected a “solution”.

Personally, I had a tendency to speak badly about myself AND my appearance because of the persistent societal programming I received as a woman, growing in the Western world, along with acquired and inherited traumas I am currently resolving. So I get it. If I hadn’t eventually snapped out of this madness, I would surely be several surgeries or procedures deep by now and still hiding behind layers of makeup and face-changing filters like my life depended on it.

The manipulation is so subtle at times, the gravity of it all played down by everyone under this spell and especially those with a profit to make. I can’t help but see how all of the groundwork is conveniently being laid for the transhumanist future that we are being ushered towards.

It’s sad to see how so many are understandably regretting their choices made whilst still in construction but unfortunately for them, this mistake is often permanent and not one that can be reversed.

Even if all goes well with “non-permanent” or “non-invasive” “treatments” (rather than the more drastic and dangerous surgeries) the body, the mind, the soul will undoubtedly be marked by this synthetic intervention, then it can become even more complicated to come back from.

As with many modern “solutions”, given the underlying issues haven’t been dealt with, many find that they must continue tinkering and trying to fill the void in their soul with fakery throughout their lives… which makes all those benefitting from a very lucrative industry very happy indeed… miss me with the coincidence theories, please.

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