Bonjour, hello, welcome to my virtual home aka The Sorting House, you may know me as Natacha Neveu, or Chacha, or it could well be something else entirely…

Although I cannot think of anything more lame and limiting than pre-defined and oft-misinterpreted labels born of confused systems, this perspective won’t decorate the about section you were hoping for. So for the purpose of this page, I’ll make some effort to conform to the expected…

Essentially, I am a creative; a writer, a conscious guide and loving learner or teacher, sometimes a scribe and a French to English translator, a savage, wild woman and general commentator, an open-minded philosophiser of life and events, a talker and a listener, if you will… I am obviously so much more and, at times, expressedly less than can be quantified and grasped in a few words here… Maybe one day you’ll be able to find your own definitions and boxes for me to gleefully colour outside of the lines from.

So I invite you, dear earthly traveller, to peruse my personal time capsule here at The Sorting House. Get cosy-comfortable, comment when appropriate, sign up to stay in touch and remember everything you are experiencing is temporary.

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