No Fear – A Spell

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'No Fear - A Spell' is adapted from my post on Instagram.
No Fear – If letters make up words, and they are used to spell, and songs are made of words, are songs used to cast spells?

“I will NOT live in paralysis.

I do not care what the system knows.

I will not run, not run, not run.

I am a warrior of love.

No fear.

I build my armour stronger.

No fear.

No fear.” – this is what I hear when Donna Missal sings on this Rudimental and Martinez Brothers’ track but the “A.I. generated” lyrics beg to differ.

Different sites, different things but the machine-recorded versions are all pretty axed against human greatness.

Knowing the power of words, music, frequency and vibrations on us as living, organic beings mostly composed of water. Knowing how water has memory, how water structures itself based on what it sees, feels and hears… and how our cells, made mostly of water form our incredible but susceptible-to-infiltration Organic Intelligence.

Lush Documentary: Water Has a Memory –

Our body is part of a great liquid symphony that is so easily programmed by our illusions, surroundings and exterior stimuli – all rooted and amplified by our hearts and minds when we vibe with that to music. That’s why I won’t mindlessly listen to sad, depressing and abusive songs anymore.

For ages this Rudimental – ‘No Fear’ track gave me force and power, then I noticed the lyrics noted by the Spotify machine… and was like wut thee fark. Frankly, I can’t help but be suspicious…

Also… “paralisis” ? Guess they did not opt-in for the spell-checker robot…

No Fear – The power of words

Have they purposely created disempowering lyrics to overlay the frequencies that were destined to actually empower?

Interesting that the suggested machine lyrics seem to serve an agenda of creating nations of controllable and / or docile, apathetic waste amongst us…

Of course, it could just be error, an innocent mistake lol, but based on everything else we notice when becoming observant, it’s highly doubtful.

Recently I realised that the operative word in A.I. is not “intelligence” but “artificial” – the machine isn’t “intelligent” whatsoever but there’s serious want for us to believe it.

They want to program us to program it, artificially, it’s us that create through our beliefs. The whole concept of predictive programming in action.

We are the force and power that guides physical creation, without us feeding it there is nothing in this synthetica. It’s empty, without us there is no life force.

The A.I. sector, amongst many others in our so-called civilised world, are exploiting us, humans, men and women who so generously give abundantly like the nature we are.

Regardless of who we are or where we come from, we now all input data constantly, we are the force that runs the Internet of Things… soon to be IoB – the Internet of Bodies aka WBAN.

No Fear – Data Miners

Paid or not. Respected positions or not. These mega-corporations and tech start-ups exploit and steal our work, they profit from our labour shamelessly. Make us toil pointlessly in other jobs of no importance so we are tired and too distracted to do anything else but continue playing their games. They take our information. They claim we asked for it and sell it back to us for a premium through the guise of entertainment and convenience. These models are copied and pasted across the board and for now, it seems there isn’t much we can do about it.

Excerpt from ‘The Exploited Labor Behind Artificial Intelligence’ – BY ADRIENNE WILLIAMS, MILAGROS MICELI AND TIMNIT GEBRU –

Most don’t know the industry behind “A.I. powered” tech… That humans are actually out here transcribing like automatons. Sequestered indoors under artificial light and chemical environments, glued to toxic screens as “mechanical Turk”. Feeding the machine through hours and hours of poorly paid digital slavery, in some of the most miserable conditions of living.

The truth is, we are all contributing to this wild ride that seems to have gotten away from us even if we are not getting paid for it. Whilst those that benefit sit at the top of the authorities, companies and pyramids. Laughing through synthetic teeth and cosmetically “enhanced” masks on their “eco-friendly” yachts. Jetting to private 5-star islands where their interests remain protected. Showing out. Pretending. Attending exclusive conferences to allegedly fix the problems they created. Turdlife.

No Fear – We choose what we VIBE WITH

It is what it is. I have no solutions. Just a deep natural urge to resist. A powerful desire to respect nature and organic intelligence within and outside of us. And I refuse to let the machine claim this song.

The only other viable option I’ve found via *music fan informed* website Genius, that suggests Donna is singing; “I do not get with the system, no” and “I build my army stronger” – this I can vibe with and will actively be spelling that power over myself.

No Fear – What do you hear on this track?


“I will not live in paralysis. I do not care what the system knows. I will not run, not run, not run. I am a warrior of love. No fear. I build my armour stronger. No fear. No fear.”


“I will not live in paralysis
I do not get with the system, no
I will not run, I will not run
I am a warrior of love

No fear
I build my army stronger”

Or c.

Something else?

Rudimental & The Martinez Brothers ft. Donna Missal ‘No Fear’ (2017) –

Tell us and the machine in the comments 🤪👋.

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