I Do Not Consent

Looking for some fucks to give in front of my latest challenges…

As the world that I grew up in becomes a stranger place full of “innovative ideas and technological progress”, where daily developments that pollute and destroy our natural resources are being marketed and veiled to “save” humanity from actually being true natural humans and doing any deep organic work on themselves, I feel myself gravitating, or being expulsed, towards another reality, one with fewer QR codes, nanotech, AI and robots.

A reality where the water doesn’t flow readily from the tap but through the roof (for now) and out the well (eventually)… A reality that is somewhat more challenging (hello understatement of the year), and a whole heap of scary and mega shit loads of uncomfortable-ness. Yet it is a voyage that is likely to be realer than real, in line with my true nature, strengthening and rewarding… to say the least.

As the apparent ease of society and city life become more unbearable, as the authorities overreach and restrict liberties even more, push people out of jobs and security, I am making the decision to try something else, to forge a new path, one less “smart”, less connected, less distorted, less polluted and less dependant on the whims of psychopaths.

I refuse to be jabbed, swabbed and tested for compliance whilst I still have a choice. I refuse to lay down and play along with a narrative I so vehemently disagree with. So I look for a new way, however tough it may be.

Maybe it is all out of my hands, already written or planned? I don’t really know what is happening, yet as I look upon the world around me, all I know is that I can’t possibly keep participating in the mascarade I was raised and domesticated in.

I see people crying out about protecting others whilst consuming products that destroy life on our planet. I see people raging at each other when the noose is really coming down from above, as it always has done. The hypocrisy of our western society is at an all-time high, all I can do is retract and try to create a new place for myself, a new experience, something less hypocritical and more harmonious to the natural life that still runs through my veins.

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