Ignoring Knowledge is Sickness

Focus on what you can change. 💙

It can be difficult to see outside of ourselves and our little world.
We become so focused on the limitations we are personally experiencing.
We cannot, or might not want to, feel and see the pain others are experiencing.

Yet when we actively do something kind for someone else or something good for the environment (and expect nothing in return). The negative thoughts we have on the current state of affairs leave space for positivity, inspiration and love.

It’s too easy to worry, stress or get angry about things that are actually out of our control, but it won’t achieve much unless we can successfully convert these emotions into action.

A skill many of us need to hone, otherwise, we feel overwhelmed. This pushes us into a state of self-imposed ignorance and inaction in a bid to cope with the uncomfortable truths our existence stirs up.

Instead, we can try focusing our energy on identifying the things that are within our control and taking little but conscious steps to improve them. Remember this quote by Lao Tzu, “knowing ignorance is strength; ignoring knowledge is sickness.”

You can heal yourself. 💙

Text inspired by a piece on @dailymudras

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