Le Grand Saphir

This is the teaser for a highly recommended and stunning French documentary by Jeremi Stadler and I urge you to watch it… (Sadly, I don’t have a link for the film online as it has been three years since I first published this post on Instagram and it looks like the film has now been taken down from Vimeo and ImagoTV!)

Bask in all its glory, for it is the inspirational tale of citizen-led, empowering grassroots groups and individual initiatives sprouting up across France. It follows big and small movements that are creating community around collecting the waste and trash that humanity has carelessly left behind, be it at sea or on land, all with the aim of preserving the environment for us all.

The film features incredibly kind-hearted souls trying to shake things up and make a real difference, notably Edmund Platt aka L’Escargot Anglais aka Eddie Platt, yes, the co-author and star of the book we wrote together: The Englishman Who Wanted to Clean France, and none other than Manu from Sauvage Mediterranee, amongst others.

The beauty of the various initiatives is that anyone can take part. Anybody anywhere can participate and should. We all create waste, and none of us can be sure what really happens to it after we dispose of it, whether we recycle or not. Whether we actually throw or leave our rubbish behind or not. Let’s stop complaining, blaming others and creating even more waste.

Let’s be the change we want to see.

Updated 01/01/22

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