Lions Eat Meat…

“There is an incredibly high social pressure within our collective conscience (to have certified qualifications, own an apartment, get a car, married by 30, make babies, buy a house, make a decent salary…).

We are made to believe that this is the best life. It’s an ideology, that of money. We talk constantly about the economy. However, in my opinion, what we call “economy” is legal predation. To make money, we destroy life.

Whether it is the whales, elephants or forests, it is all pseudo-economy. Humans are the only species playing a false note in the symphony of nature. Once we have squandered everything, polluted everything, degraded everything, we will realise that money cannot be eaten.

Certain people say that our overconsumption is due to the laws of survival of the fittest, the rules of the jungle. Yet if I was an animal, I’d be pretty pissed off at being compared to humans, as every other species functions in harmony with the rest.

A lion doesn’t stockpile antelope to sell to his mates. The lion takes just what he needs and doesn’t trouble nature’s symphony. Mankind accumulates, wastes, and is even taught that’s where happiness resides.”

Pierre Rabhi

Quote from ‘Graine’ by La Relève et La Peste unofficially translated by Natacha Neveu at @thesortinghouse.

It’s time to wipe out that broken record, rewrite the script, make a change.

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