Money, Money, Money…

Put simply, money exists because humans have agreed to quantify value through the symbolism of it.

In its physical sense, it is made up of notes and coins, inherently nothing more than paper and metal. These physical items have been used by humans as a tool, to allow us to conceptualise and track the value of things we have and require; items, services, resources. This symbolism must be mutually accepted (or imposed) to function.

Via physical or electronic symbols, currency and money accumulates its value through the perception of its users. Therefore it is purely through socially constructed ideas that it receives value in the first place.

Money should then be viewed as a social voting system; every time money is used to gain access to something, value is given to it, not because the money is inherently valuable, but because there are enough people using this symbol to cast a vote thus creating value in it.

We are privileged and choose where to spend our money, mostly. That gives the power to the people, right? Right. So think wisely before using it.

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