The Age of Information

We live in a time where a wealth of knowledge, research and experience is readily available at a simple tap of the finger. The answers are there, if only we would ask the questions.

As @drjoedispenza states,

“…the more you understand what you’re doing, the why you’re doing it, the how gets easier, because you can assign meaning to what you do…this is a time in history where it is not enough to know, this is the time in history to know how, because information is so readily available, you don’t need an authority, you don’t need a priest, you don’t need a teacher, a governor…so people are empowered.”

What are you doing with your power? Do you really know anything about your life and what you do, or do you just think you do? Are you truly informed and empowered with all the information available? Or are you just letting some erroneous half-truth dictate your life unknowingly?

There are many ways you can start to take back your power. Start simple, look at your day, your habits, your life. After all, you should know yourself better than anyone else, right?

“I have a responsibility to the world, to my planet.”

Luchita Hurtado

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