We Are Nature

Eighteen thousand discoveries of new aquatic species in one year!

According to the GoodPlanet Foundation,

“In 2011 we discovered almost 18,000 new species across the world: sharks, turtles, multicoloured sea slugs”

Check out @theeyeofthediver for some amazing macro shots of incredible sea slugs and other sea life in the Mediterranean.

We must do everything we can to protect this life, discovered or not, and our oceans from further pollution. We can create less waste, eat less *intensively produced* meat and meat substitutes, stop eating fish that hasn’t been caught by our own efforts, buy everything locally, find a passion for upcycling and second-life-ing, and educate ourselves on why the oceans and all their mysteries are important to our lives. We will only thrive, evolve further and discover deeper truths about our origins in doing so.

For without this underwater life we would have no air to breathe, no temperature regulation, no healthy seafood to eat, no greenery and no overground life. The ocean holds the key to so many of our questions and problems.

The ocean is our lifeblood. We must keep it clean, biodiverse, thriving and healthy if we are to continue humanity in comfort. Strive to reconnect with that which makes our lives possible, evolve consciousness to see beauty instead of fear, indifference or annoyance and judgement.

We are nature, to do anything other than protect it would be to deny and destroy our true selves.

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