Who Creates Your Reality?

Who creates your reality?

We all know that the structure of human life varies enormously depending on its location, time in space and the ideas lent to it. Structure in human life has birthed a wealth of customs and traditions within our reality, but that doesn’t make them correct. Nor does it mean they can’t or shouldn’t evolve and change.

You’re probably aware how as humans, willingly or not, we have organised into groups throughout the world. Groups that form countries, nations and states. At birth, we arrive in one that conveniently (or not) has pre-established currencies, governments, existing notions of race, gender roles, marriage, religion, family, health and death that will guide us, protect us and care for us…in theory (or not).

Are you aware that most of the ideas we form on these things are the results of ideas formed, and choices made, by others, on our behalves? Things that may or may not privilege our lives, but that we didn’t actually choose either way.

It is important to realise that many of our thoughts, opinions and personal constructs are products of our social environments and are not universal truths.

Notions that have been previously defined, labelled and accepted as truths by other humans, in the past and present, form the basis for the societies and groups we find ourselves in as humans today, be we conscious of them or not.

Ask yourself, are you truly creating your reality by defining your own beliefs and life? Are you aware of the origins of your thoughts and actions, have they always been there? Is your mind open to things that challenge your beliefs? If you knew as much as there is to know about something would you still feel the same? Who are you to judge that? Is not everything in perpetual change? So why not you too?

Are the way you do things, the way you see the world, the way you treat yourself and others really fair, or do you think and do things because that’s how your society expects you to?

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