You Will Never Walk Alone

Even if it appears that you are standing alone right now. Even if it feels like you are drifting from everything you once knew. Even if nobody has walked your path before, you are never truly alone, ever.

This is for anyone who is making changes and building their mindset consciously, whatever that might look like. Those who are developing their ideas, questioning everything they know and don’t. For the people who are choosing to evolve ethically, sustainably, kindly but still can’t do right by their entourage.

For those who are brave enough to feel awake in the darkness around them, and set out alone. For those who are bold in the face of discrimination, oppression, injustice and lies. For those wise enough to teach themselves, and wild enough to want change. For those strong enough to face the shadows and come out brighter.

I see you and I love you.
We got this.

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