About 2020

2020 I thank you, for everything you have brought to light, for the lessons you have offered us, for the alarm you have made so impossible to ignore.

2020 I see you, unfiltered without ornament, beautiful and ugly, hateful and magnificent, for all that you are, for all that we are.

2020 I feel you, for everything you brought to the surface, for what you made us swim in, for the islands uncovered, emerging from great depths.

2020 the year of clear vision for those who chose it to be, the year that paved the way to things others cannot even imagine, let alone begin to fathom.

2020 the great reset, the plan of all plans, amongst other things, the year the world aligned to the same agenda, or did it?

2020 the bridge, the choice. The year when we realised what was really important. The year we took charge of our own lives and started living them for us, for our own agenda, nobody else’s.

May 2021 be the year we truly step into our power.

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