Choose Life

We can’t completely control how many chemicals we are exposed to, so why would we choose to add a whole load more with what we eat?

The water we drink and wash with has a surprising quantity of chemical residue from treatment plants, agriculture and pharmaceutical runoff, and bottled water isn’t any better. The plastic it is often stored in leeches chemical toxins and research has shown that most bottled water brands are no better than tap water anyway.

Our modern homes and wardrobes are filled with synthetic fibres and materials that pollute our air, lungs and bodies. The walls of the rooms we visit during the day at home, work and in shops are often painted in toxic paint which naturally leeches into the air we breathe too.

We wash our bodies and hair with toxic chemicals. We drive around in new metal and plastic boxes on wheels, that new car smell? That’s the smell of our health deteriorating.

We eat foods that are convenient, sprayed with pesticides, heavily processed and wrapped in plastic. We heat things in the microwave and change the chemical compounds of our food.

The air in our cities is polluted, and our bodies are often in a state of stress. Is it any surprise that so many people’s health is dwindling away silently? No, it isn’t, and it’s madness to know all of this and NOT do something about it, however we can.

As it happens it isn’t complicated to even out the playing field and help our bodies thrive in spite of the barrage of pollution we are subject to on a daily basis. Simply by choosing to invest in better quality natural products, food, fruit and vegetables that are in season, locally grown without pesticides and genetic modification.

Nobody else is going to do this for us, and there are only so many toxins our bodies can handle before avoidable disease and illness become evident.

We have a choice, to make time for our health, to make our health our priority, naturally. Choose life, a vibrant healthful one. It’s time to take our power back.

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