Can We Buy Happiness?

“Happiness is buzz word, happiness is sold, bought.

People attached to the material when our spiritual lives were depleted, to finally fade imperceptibly and give way to this neat image that advertisements, that society refers us to.

The path to happiness is long, we manage to identify it when it radiates around us, and when it encounters another radiance from another being in passing; then by resonance, it comes back to us.

This warm feeling, soft as a caress, this energy which transforms perception, this energy of an unimaginable force which leaves no room for doubt … the force increases tenfold, becomes clearer, beauty is seen, it radiates .. . “

Sarah Marquis
Quote from the French version of her book ‘Deserts d’Altitude‘ –
Unofficially translated by Natacha Neveu @thesortinghouse

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