Community Confusion of He / Him

Gender distortions…

That’s why there’s been such a mainstream push on the incarceration of men for petty crimes in poor neighbourhoods over the years.

Byways of media manipulation, rather than doing anything to truly combat hatred and intolerance, the gender distortion colonises minds, headlines see crowds just blanket toxifying the strong, masculine males of our society over and over again without consideration for the person or individual acts.

No investment or care is made in holistically healing these wounded warriors naturally, but in beating them down, like savage animals that need culling from our environment or manipulating for genocidal military efforts. This only serves the interests of those in power, and not one bit the interests of our integrated communities.

Amongst true crimes worthy of repentance are many innocent, misunderstood men (and women) who have been swallowed by a system designed to keep us dumbed down and distracted, creating confusion amongst us and leaving our human communities open and unprotected.

Now please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying that men with more active feminine principles are not important to our communities, nor am I saying that women who express more masculine aspects of their character should be shunned either. The war amongst us must cease, we all have our place and we can all be.

However, let’s face it honestly. These masculine men who have been targeted and vilified in our societies are the only ones amongst us truly capable of defending our values, and they’ve now either been indoctrinated to serve the machine or been completely traumatised into addiction and cycles of destruction.

Paving the way for manipulated, unchecked trust in the machine’s police forces and armies whom march to the orders of the very psychopaths that separated us all from our tight-knit communities into competition with each other in the first place.

What if we got to know ourselves and each other as humans outside of the boxes this matrix is so hellbent on quantifying us in?

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