Coincidence is Called

I found this post in my drafts and don’t exactly know when nor how it got so full, nor can I find the more refined original. I must have been on one, wrote out my feelings and then doubted myself and never posted it at the time, but alas here it is now.

Updated 22 July 2022 from draft post 8 March 2022.

TLDR: “And obviously, none of that means we can’t create harmonies of joy and beauty amongst the grotesque twang of reality or share silly memes about the absurdity of it all. In the meme-time, we can heal with creativity, harmony and laughter, so harmonise, laugh and share memes we shall.”

I truly am sorry to hear that so many people have been falling ill. If it isn’t the recently administered experimental pharmaceuticals or the upheld toxicity of increasingly synthetic lifestyles, then I’m sure the manufactured psychological games purposefully inflicted upon the unwitting masses haven’t helped anyone’s condition.

Naturally, we hoped that the madness of it all would at least serve as a catalyst for seeing the mess that’s before us and the actions we can take to create something different.

I’m not personally aware of anyone advocating consideration of all aspects during these times that also wishes ill upon others. Unlike some among us in the throes of conveniently suggested passions calling to cull all dissidents of the overpushed-popular opinions. No, we don’t wish death and suffering on others who don’t agree with us or that don’t conform to our way of thinking. Unlike some, we never wanted any to continue suffering, be it through war games or toxic thought-forms, questionable viruses, participation in ongoing medical experiments or any other madness they wanna test us with.

With every mind-numbingly similar and awkward, regurgitated assertion of the situation, honest conversations with opposing viewpoints opened up the terrible possibility of total ostracisation from the comfortable bosom of our known environments – I don’t blame those that froze and wished to stay quiet whilst hoping the storm would pass without too much damage.

Obviously, we very much wanted to be wrong, despite what some claimed, we wanted it all to remain “fake news”, nothing more than a “crazy conspiracy theory” that we would eventually shake our heads and laugh about together but alas, here we are, still living amongst the gaining traction of these artificial systems that bamboozle most. We have been daily witnesses to the casualties of real, yet engineered outrage and manufactured storms designed to flush every last free-thinking rat out of the race. Batten down the hatches as we might, the torrents of destruction continue to rip our shelters to shreds… As we always knew deep down that they would.

As the fabric of reality becomes even more bizarre, we can either continue to pretend it isn’t happening or try to do something about it. If we want any kind of say in making another way that is coherent with our values, then I’m afraid we must learn how to play.

What many still don’t realise – rolling their eyes in ridicule or missing the point completely, shouting big-bad-wolf at us – is that we weren’t even trying to play in this game at all, let alone win anything or score any points. Many spoke out because this isn’t our first rodeo, we’ve been unwillingly riding the beast in an effort to avoid the cutting horns and stay whole. Many of us trying to honour some form of natural integrity despite the fucked up normality of indifferent dispersion of self through aeons of planned destruction. More and more of us now see the glaring flaws and are successfully detaching from an otherwise incredibly persistent, intricate system that seems to more or less lead all of us astray at one point or another.

Thankfully, once we see behind the curtain, the wizard loses all his mystique and we can start to efficiently take back our energy from these parasitic, vampiric structures. Some of us were well aware of the cycles of profitable deception and carefully crafted lies rampantly suffocating us before any of the latest global narratives took place. If it wasn’t already obvious, as time went on, events transpired, we gained experience and with embraced curiosity, it became evident to so many more of us that this is all part of a beastly game.

It truly is a twisted show, where for centuries told and untold, real, honest people’s lives have been sacrificed to maintain the power of a few so-called elites. Unelected officials, seen and unseen, dictate how we should live on the very earth we are all made from. Whilst facing none of the same limitations, restrictions and sacrifices themselves of course.

Eventually, I think we will all come to realise. There’s always that step too far, the straw that breaks the camel’s back, the whip that cracks the last nerve. ENOUGH! Then one starts to ponder, we notice the distractions and consequently stop participating, unconsciously at least. As we have become more conscious of the farce, little by little, we claw back everything we gave to false prophets making from our strife and toil nothing but greedy profits.

Rather than sharing with those that do not share or care for us, we increasingly band together, united, separate yet whole, women and men, healing and loving ourselves and each other in our true, integrated expressions outside of what was suggested to us by others. Welcoming the diversity amongst us that makes our much sought-after force, respecting and learning from our differences once more.

Nature holds so much wisdom and our lack of it today is surely due to how far we have strayed. No matter how incredibly long and trying a cold, stormy night may be, the warmth of a new day is always rising. Irrespective of the scolding trials the fiery daylight may bring, the cool restoration of the night’s darkness is there still to cleanse us anew.

No longer do we fall victim to cycles designed to chew us up and use our pain and misery as sustenance. We laugh in the face of the beast as we fearlessly dance between the light and the dark as knowing old lovers that were never torn apart. We now feel the strength of our innate capacities integrating, mounting above all that had previously been exploited esoterically from the deep within us.

Regardless of how or when we learn that these synthetic authorities and institutions can’t be trusted. That they won’t safely and transparently lead us in our best interests as a population living peacefully on this beautiful planet together. At some point, it becomes glaringly clear to all that we can no longer stand by waiting for someone to do something or silently accepting these insults to our natural expressions of life. It becomes a persistent pull that is much stronger than anything we have known before. A burning desire to honour the increasingly lost ways of our ancestors who aptly warned us of destroying our living connection to the current of all that is naturally pure.

So we speak up as much as we can and may have the energy for, through the hope of helping others truly experience their own lives in harmony with all that connects us to our true nature. Often going up against a tirade of more or less verbal, psychological games and attacks against our character. Fueled by the outraged, copy and paste propaganda abounding in the media and the mouths of its consumers. Regardless of the tricks being spouted, it all starts to sound like old, broken records to anyone who is no longer distracted.

Unfortunately, here we are however, with so many of our loved ones not wanting to pay close attention. Preferring to hit snooze on the latest alarm, choosing to simply assimilate blindly regardless of the regurgitated repetition. Once again, just listening to the wealthy man, woman, or should I say “they/them” on the screens, parroting the glitzy celebs, aimlessly influenced by the influencers and sterile viewpoints that have been pushed and paid for.

With the blinkers firmly on, “Build back better to the new normal!” they say, “Doing our bit, as long as we can still go on our vay-cays. Live and let live. Hey, don’t you dare rock the boat again today!” We can only look on in horror as many roll keenly towards the great reset of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Misguided, in a bid to experience even more of this man-made world of obscene oddities. Insults to natural creation that have been orchestrated to keep us compliant without a hope of emancipated consent. Trundling along, accepting the pre-fabricated illusion-of-choice as long as it is easy, mind-numbing and entirely hands-off.

Obviously, the plan moves forward cloaked in altruism. It is the perfect crime. Who would dare to deny such charitable causes but the selfish, curious and truth-seeking population? Convenient solutions are kindly offered to the most unfair of situations like the proverbial Trojan horse. Who would deny sight to the blind that wants to see? Who would deny someone that hasn’t walked with their own limbs for years the gift of independent movement again? Or maybe the gift of new life to those so deeply connected to these twisted synthetics they cannot bring it forth naturally?

Regardless of the situation, many are willing to be hooked up to the machine indefinitely, consumed consumers of unquestioned technological development. Foolishly thinking how exciting and futuristic it is to be chosen, to contribute to the internet of things, to grow beings in bags and be cultivated by robots, not realising that’s all we are to the true benefactors, is worthless “things”. Nothing more than modules, buttons to be pushed and programmed, quantified and controlled for the “greater good”, ripped out and replaced when it no longer serves the bigger agenda. Did anyone actually stop to think about whose greater agenda we are serving and why?

No really, I’m convinced that if many knew what was actually being put in place they too would cancel the subscription to the shitshow, stop gobbling the false fantasies and stories of synthetic greatness, participate in the clean-up, respect our true nature and take out the trash that has been festering. Nevertheless, the great big stinking dump awaits, it’s all spelled out by the current officials, organisms and leaders quite openly if only people would stop being distracted by the shiny plastic carrot and look where the parasites are coming from.

Of course, the empty promises and beautiful illusions metamorphose to suit the times, the details change, the baseline shifts and ensnares the new generations who still have the energy to carry forward the latest version of the proposed madness. Yet the ongoing essence of domination and control from on high is reflected plainly in the same old hall of mirrors for all with any intention to see, even if we cannot yet find the exit.

No matter how much one may believe we are better off than before, no matter which cute outfit and trendy decor may be chosen for the current avatar in this open-air prison, no matter which “ethical” and “green” industries we choose to participate in now and then say, “Look, how we are liberated and free!” Yet, we are still not.

A bit of scratching the crappy paint on the surface and it becomes clear that all rusty roads lead to Rome, so to speak. We are still owned by the same putrid lineages and technocratic dominators who have always dictated our thoughts and every move to their benefit. The timeless, shape-shifting Pied Pipers marching us on through the universe to the Metaverse of their creation where we own nothing but still somehow have to work pointlessly for their privilege. Change the players and the teams, but the game stays the same.

The tale truly is as old as time. “Preposterous! Don’t be so paranoid. What are your sources?” Coincidence is called, whilst suitably distracted by the latest scrupulously selected personalities and words on a flashing screen. Concocted, manipulated and at times, downright fabricated, all to elicit well-studied reactions in a population under the belief that they make their own choices and act in free will.

The squeaky wheel just keeps us turning, chasing our tails, buffering, as we all spin, spin, spin. Going over the same old tiring cycles of bloodshed and abuse, pointing fingers and warring with each other until we end up just as they wish; an entirely washed-out and worn-down, lobotomised robot-nation. Individuals merging in the moulded mass, “liberated” of all forms of non-approved choices, completely indistinguishable and disposable, a fleshy doll that’s malleable to any whim of the latest king.

I can’t help but wonder if we will ever break through collectively to something else on this planet, or if this is the point. All of it existing to push us on a path that one must take alone through the twisted tundra of inevitable trauma traps without any particular destination in sight. Assisted to some extent by others willing to also travel alone but that, every so often, cross our perilous paths to offer warming assistance within the pack. Wounds are licked, compassion abounds and resilience is built. When most needed, faith can be restored for the true nature of humanity. That is if we can trust and allow ourselves to be supported once more after discovering the true levels of deceit amongst us.

Understandably, it hurts to see our loved ones bribed and manipulated, some even willingly handing their trust to these fabrications, bowing to images of scenes or characters they’ll never even greet in physical life. Rather than listening, considering and growing with their own inquisitive and tangible family and friends who’ve always been there for them and are willing to go to the ends of ridicule and despair just so that we may one day peacefully swim through the inevitable dangers of the deep together.

It appears I was still naive and thought that many had started this essential personal work over the past two years. Or at least some kind of introspection that would eventually provoke interior and exterior change but recent events indicate the level of hypnosis and control that’s still rife amongst our population and how this will just cycle on as the pre-approved narratives continuously change.

Nevertheless, I force myself to imagine vast swathes of us increasingly embarking on paths of clearing these distortions. Even if for now, the way is still paved with many false friends and dangerous distractions. Nobody is yet truly immune to being captured again by another instance of this pervasive control system.

Excerpt from an unrelated post on Insta @thesortinghouse

Admittedly, being aware of any aspect of this isn’t necessarily pleasant, nor is it guaranteed to change anything whatsoever even with much effort and dedication. There’s even a part of me that thinks it could be better for those that are happily unaware to remain so, but what about the many that are unhappily unaware? Those that continuously struggle to assimilate the accepted absurdity without ever learning why that might be. Completely unaware that there is another way possible.

Without this knowledge, they aimlessly cycle from broken support structures to the overzealous medical complex of toxic intervention. Prescribed criminal medications for the misdiagnoses of syndromes when in reality, they just haven’t been offered the holistic support needed to empower themselves and successfully climb out of such treacherous places naturally.

Many have barely got their head above the water, they tread the currents of illusory obligations, suffering substantial symptoms of festering strife in a world designed to capitalise from it all. Sadly, the waves keep on crashing and the shore is nowhere to be seen. It is no wonder many let themselves get worn down by the drift until they sink into nothing more than silt amongst the accumulating sludge of our deepest collective shadows.

To any truly observant party, it can at times appear that any effort to build anything from such destruction is hopeless. Whenever I feel fed up with the process, I try to remember that firstly, it isn’t actually any of my business what anyone but myself is doing, nor would it be wise to disillusion myself with this responsibility. Secondly, I too was heavily under mass hypnosis and know that even from the deepest, stickiest slurry, with the right environment and support anyone can spring back to life. In the right conditions, something shifts, we find our footing or a helping hand and we stop drowning in the sinkhole of our collective tears and fears that for now, continue to destroy our natural heritage. We get up and out, we dry and dust ourselves off to cultivate something else, something with incredibly fertile potential, especially once we’ve sifted through all of that shit.

Amongst it all, if we allow it, one of the many seeds kindly planted will finally germinate. We begin untangling the brambles, noticing succulent fruits and forging our own way through, organically, outside of the processed synthetic programs. Sure, sometimes it could be easier.

Even if there are forecasts, predictions and prophecies that may influence us, for better or worse, nobody really knows the storms ahead, where we are going or if it will be better. I’m certainly not claiming to be right or that anyone should follow me, I’m just sharing the abundant, juicy fruits found along my path should they be of use to another trying to also find their own way. It’s in my nature to help when I can and if someone wants it, then may what I have learned serve as a guide or spark that sets the engine of change in motion on another’s path. Each to their own methods and journey in consciousness of course.

It’s become clear that however legitimate and evident the presented argument against just accepting what is handed to us may be, some are just incapable of growing organically with us. The necessary fertilisation that comprehension and reasoning accords just won’t work because of where they are on their path and how extensively polluted their environment is. No matter how complicated that may be for us to witness and hold space for, we must try, with patience, compassion and love, with no expectations and maybe even from afar, at a safe enough distance to allow the terrain to come back into natural harmony.

Let us not forget the great paradox of how worthless and important we truly are, for all these systems designed to denature us wouldn’t exist otherwise. Whilst also not taking any of it too seriously, for it could be that we are nothing more than mere specks in the grand immensity of an infinitely bigger whole that knows not of our petty existence. Prison or paradise, or both all at once? Nobody really knows what is going on.

There is much we can revere on this planet and from what I can see, nature knows what it is doing much more than mankind ever could. Even unwanted growths we call weeds or tumours can play a useful role if we would just change our perspective and reduce our ignorance. These unwanted growths can indicate the health of a terrain for those willing to put in the effort of transformation. On closer inspection, if we don’t just accept the doom and gloom that profits the twisted, we might learn the so-called weeds have kindly loosened up the compacted ground so that the fertile grains of another season may take root and bloom with love in otherwise desolate places. If you catch my drift.

And obviously, none of that means we can’t create harmonies of joy and beauty amongst the grotesque twang of reality or share silly memes about the absurdity of it all, in the meme-time, we can heal with creativity, harmony and laughter, so harmonise, laugh and share memes we shall.

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