Five a Day? Try Again.

Organic, in-season and locally grown by a lovely couple in the area

Most people suffer intense cognitive dissonance, they cannot accept that those up top, those running things on an international level and making decisions that concern most of us, do not care for us, or about us in the slightest.

The truth is that our global corporations, institutions, authorities, foundations and even charities of a certain notoriety are all motivated by power, control, money, growth and margins, and rarely by protecting our personal health and what is truly best for humanity in the longterm.

It is of little importance whether we are dying slowly from their products as long as we are consuming them thus making them richer and richer. Nor does it really matter if we destroy all of life as we know it on this planet whilst we’re at it, because you can bet your bottom dollar that they have a plan to profit from that too.

Until we become conscious of what is truly going on, and work to actively eradicate our cognitive dissonance as much as possible, we will remain the only losers in this fucked up game. It is time to realise that and start playing like we love the life so abundantly given, flowing within us and all around us.

The best foundation to play with will always be a healthy body and mind, and the only one who should be responsible for that is the person concerned. From top to bottom, from inside-out, our body is our responsibility, stop outsourcing it to those who care not for it.

Eating vast amounts of high quality, locally sourced, in-season organic fruit and vegetables in whole, raw form is hands down one of the simplest and most intuitive, natural ways to even out the playing field and give ourselves a valid chance at a healthful life.

Five a day? Try again, it should be five a meal, at least, with every single meal. Five servings of fruit and vegetables a day will NOT even come close to providing enough variety to guarantee natural health without the use of supplements and pharmaceuticals later down the line (yet more industries who care only about money, and not us).

Nobody else will do this for us. If we do not develop a passion for our own natural health, we will be taken under the wing of those who profit from death.

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