Keep Making Moves

Keep making moves sibling, you are so powerful. If you don’t feel it quite yet, you need to remember your promise to life, and honour it. You are here now, so let’s go.

Now is the time to create the life you want to live in, and the one you are proud to leave behind.

When all is said and done, when your flesh returns to Gaia and your energy swims amongst the stars once more, can you honestly say you honoured life here? Can you honestly say you gave back at least as much as you took?

When your body ceases to hold vitality and the force of life, will you be proud of your contribution to our collective?

Did you truly respect your planet, your fellow humans and animals as you would expect in return? Did you even really respect yourself?

When you honour life within yourself, you honour it outside of yourself. When you honour life outside of yourself, you honour your own life entirely. There is no separation here, one reflects the other in perfect harmony.

Life constantly regenerates, is always changing, building, improving, evolving… but most importantly, it is honouring itself always, even in death and destruction. Nothing is wasted…

Nature is life’s great symphony and like it or not, we are all a part of that orchestra. So what about you sibling… are you truly in harmony with life here or are you wasting it by still choosing to play off-key?

“No one can decide the road that inspires us to kick-start a journey better than the one embarking on the path. We may find others joining our journey, but we have to take the first step alone to reach our destination.”

Dr Prem Jagyasi.

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