Growth Takes Root in the Dark

Growth takes root in the Dark.

After, there must be warmth.




AKA the correct nourishment.

If these things are not present in unrefined abundance then the natural expression of life will falter, the quality of experience will degrade, the organic vessel that permits it will cease to function at full capacity and reliance on synthetics will become the most convenient…

As natural beings we need endemic intervention, NOT more synthetica.

Only you can seek out what this means outside the modern manipulations.

Are you truly showing up for your natural growth or are you neglecting your true path by overly relying on what the synthetic world baits you with?

This isn’t about appearances and the reliance on fictitious, manufactured illusions to convince yourself you are whole whilst the rest is degenerating.

It is about the unnerving truth, not the beautiful lie.

An artificial model, stuffed animal or synthetic plant may look OK from a distance for years, but if you look closer and open them up, you realise they were not ever actually alive. Nothing but waste disconnected from true life. A beautiful lie. I think that if these vapid objects have any experience at all, it is without organic substance, it is superficial and barren. Polluted, ruined and fake.

Much like those who have been manipulated to believe appearing a certain way on the outside = life success.

For me, showing up for oneself means going to true depths that can only be found in the dark of the uncomfortable, unfamiliar and ever-so-narrow path one must walk alone and often without artifice.

Looking at the ugly, unpleasant and complicated. Those things that you don’t want anyone to see, let alone face yourself. Learning not to fear what is lurking in the darkness. This is how one gains truth and natural connection. Only in this undesirable place is to be found the strength of freedom and lasting power that anchors and defends wholesome, organic life on this plane for generations.

Remember responsibility?

Are you really taking part? Or are you being dragged along with things you are not even conscious of? Things that you’d never willingly participate in if you actually knew what they really contribute to.

A lot of what happens in the exterior world is out of our control and yet, we have more power to make meaningful changes than we are led to believe. Ignoring what is just won’t work though. Regardless of how the exterior reality manifests, we are responsible for all the choices we make and don’t.

Strong, healthy growth is not possible in nature without the breaking open of a protective shell, incubation in a dark, damp and somewhat tight space, detoxification of pollutants, natural nourishment, to name but a few of the essentials…

Without these things an organic impulse to completion does not manifest correctly for the seed, why would it for you?

It could be argued that you are not a seed. For a start, it seems you have more liberty to choose than a seed, so are you making excuses that unnecessarily limit you?

What are you choosing?

Sure, nature gives us destruction, decay, death and suffering, but it also teaches us rebirth, growth, strength to survive through trials and tenacity of spirit through the storms and damp, lonesome dark nights we do make it through.

Whether we like it or not, there is no way around it, all those that wish to proceed must pass through it, whatever it may be.

All lessons worth learning become evident when observing these truths in nature.

Your experience follows seasons. The energies available are mapped in the organic animals, plants, the night sky and life cycles we can see and feel. We must go through it all individually, visiting the depths within to decode the truth of our organic existence as it is contained within our personal living library, our very own DNA.

The trick is that there’s a persistent game for control of our vessel, a quest to read the codes kept secret within, an unbridled hunger for our energy and what it can truly do.

One must learn the ways of this world and move amongst it wisely.

Sadly for many, excuses are made, “I had no choice” becomes the default when they refuse to take responsibility.

If you ask me, it’s a total cop-out that permits evil to unfold amongst us and actually stops one from truly living a wholesome life experience in truth.

I don’t have the answers to many things, nor do I suppose that I’m right about the ones I may have. Nevertheless, I know that I refuse to arrive at the end of my experience in this body making excuses for why I didn’t take responsibility for the time I spent here regardless of how things may have played out.

None of that can be established without making time for oneself, preferably in savage, wild natural spaces and certainly without the distractions of the modern world.

No “Smart Cities / Homes / Devices”.

No technology.

No “Artificial Intelligence”.

No manmade BS.

Learn to live without it all.

Become TRUE.


Return to simplicity, if only occasionally, every now and again, just to remember who you truly are without the suggestions of a sick society and the judgement of those around you.

Not all of our modern world is bad of course.

Finding out what serves YOUR greatest good, and what doesn’t, is all on you.

Many will try to influence you to their ends, often influenced themselves by others and so on. Some know not what they do but many play actively.

We all have our own motives. Never mistake converging interests for genuine care. Only you can provide that for yourself. Establish relationships built on truth, courage and openness, shed the illusions within, what you see outside will likely follow. May all your endeavours be cleared of malice.

Remember ain’t nobody gunna do it for you.

And don’t forget to ASK MORE QUESTIONS. ❤️

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