Appearance Based Value

Why is value often based on appearance rather than values these days?

Artist Unknown

For too long, I was under the illusion that I had to conform in so many spheres just to have the right to even exist.

Thanks to the experiences I’d had in life, I often categorised and judged the value I could bring based on my appearance and capacity to assimilate the latest trends and ideals. Thus considered through the lens of a twisted, ever-changing synthetic beauty and fashion industry rather than anything based on wholesome, natural truth.

However, over the years as I’ve explored the shadows that give me light and uninstalled the outdated programmes and uninvited modules from my psyche; I’ve crafted an even deeper appreciation for courageous things like being naturally barefaced, honest and organic in a world that dictates value in the opposite.

I’ve found this ardent desire for coherence through the sustained effort of consistently renouncing the easiest path of pretty, synthetic illusions. In search of sincere balance and respect for life as it chooses to express itself when in harmonious integrity with nature.

Regardless of whether being real and true is aesthetically pleasing on a personal or societal level. As often to the contrary it can be messy, difficult and at times yes, quite unquestionably ugly.

How something or someone appears is probably the least interesting or “valuable” thing about them. Stopping ourselves from exploring the depth of truth behind appearances keeps us detached from an accurate perception of the candid beauty in nature.

There is much to be learned from considering the way we think and behave and whether it truly serves us and our future generations within our earth family.

It appears that many think it totally normal to spend hours getting ready for the most banal of public appearances or to undergo irreversible cosmetic procedures like it’s nothing. Especially if it “makes us feel better” rather than exploring why we might even feel bad in the first place.

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