Health is Wealth

If you are worried about getting ill, start caring about what you consume and give your body the best chance of healing itself. Don’t let corporations cook for you.

Learn about the ingredients of the food you eat. Where did it come from? How is it made? What effect does it have on human cells and the body?

You owe it to yourself to know what it is you are really consuming, otherwise how can you hope to be coherent?

This is especially important if you are responsible for feeding others, such as children. You can effectively destroy your own health if you so wish, but don’t inflict it upon others.

Children especially deserve the best start in life, free of the avoidable health problems standard dietary and medical guidance often results in.

There is so much information available, I wish I could tart it up and make it sexy and appealing for you, but it is up to you, and you alone, to sift through and really analyse what is available and figure out whether it aligns with your best interests or not.

Don’t believe the first thing you read, beware of the source of the information, who published it? Who are they financially linked to? Money motives and vested interests are always worth checking during any research and source validation.

With some desire and critical thinking, it is possible to take control of your health and life. Even if that sounds far out right now. Start small, but do make time for yourself, learn about what you are consuming in minute detail and see how you feel about it then.

Start by asking more questions.

“In a world obsessed with the external – what really matters cannot be seen or touched, but felt with the heart.”

Rachel Lewins @rach_lewins

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