Single-Use Madness

In 2015, we learnt that 90% of seabirds on our planet have ingested plastic when the results of a study by British and Australian scientists was published. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it is 100%.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it is actually 100% of animals on earth, including humans, that are ingesting plastics at an alarming rate because of how polluted our environments are. Yet, we just keep adding to the problem instead of starting to look for solutions…

What hope have our bodies in maintaining good health when before anyone has made a single dietary decision they are being bombarded with toxins and chemicals?

Now we are 5 years on in 2020, without even the slightest meaningful restrictions on the production and use of plastics, and with even more of a push to consume single-use due to global developments and successful lobbying efforts.

Wouldn’t it be time for us to make a stand on this matter? Wouldn’t it be time for us to start looking at reducing how much single-use plastic we use and throw away? Wouldn’t it be time for us to start making changes and demanding them from the authorities, businesses and each other?

If not us, then who? The decision is ours, always.

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