Heeding the Call

Updated 23 July 2022 – Original 17 January 2022

Canigou Mountain, Pyrenees, France

Out and about, between waves of salt and snow, I heeded the call to let it all go.

Despite appearances, nothing comfortable, synthetic or artificial can ever actually fulfil us.

For it is amongst all the apparently uncivilised, savage and wild things that we can satiate our yearning. In that often unknown and uncomfortable space, that’s where we truly begin to learn to act with grace.

Deeply humbled and completely stripped bare, naked, I allow my passions to integrate whilst being reborn there.

With age, new seasons, and still my heart along with the earth has grit and keeps beating.

The current of true life within creeps, quite slowly. At first very tiny, invisibly even, but still right along with it in the great symphony of creation.

At times, it sneaks around, nourished in death somewhere dark, humid and deep underground.

That is, until the drum sounds. The wheel turns. Once again light and new life abounds.

Our sun rises high in the sky to provide us with heat. The divine spark needed to spring back after a period of retreating.

Once again it becomes possible to draw the intelligence of plant and animal matter from our cosmos into earthly form. To dance with it and mould our physical reality as aesthetic artists.

There are cycles in nature so that we may grow in unison with our home, our body, our souls and each other as harmonious reflections of it all once again.

As a human that comes from the very tissue of this natural reality, you are not separate from any of it. Open arms, rude awakenings and the vital lessons therein await for all those ready to take the vital journey of reconnecting.

Can you feel it stirring within?
Will you heed the call?

“O human, see then the human being rightly: the human being has heaven and earth and the whole of creation in itself, and yet is a complete form, and in it everything is already present.”

Hildegard of Bingen

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