Hidden Talents

Sunset at L’Etang de Thau, Marseillan

“That’s why each one of us has unique talents, even if, for most people, these talents remain deeply hidden within them, waiting for nothing more than to be released and cultivated. Besides, discovering our talents is actually a way to discover our mission… Most people feel obligated to do the things they have always done, even when it doesn’t allow them to flourish. They even forbid themselves to listen to their deepest desires, persuaded that they will lead nowhere. When it is actually the exact opposite. It is not our superficial desires dictated by our society, but actually our deepest desires that are the clues to follow to advance along the path of our mission.”

“I’m inclined to believe that each one of us has a destiny, indeed, it would be a shame to let that pass by…now I’m not necessarily saying that it involves any grandiose mission. It could be something more humble, but it is often that which appears anodyne that really counts in the world you know. We have a tendency to think it is the great leaders that have forged the course of history. In reality that’s not always completely true. Everyone, by their actions, by their speech, their state of being and emotions, influence their entourage, and that then spreads just like undulating waves across the surface of water. Inevitably. Nothing is neutral…the reality is each one of us has an impact on the world. So when we have found our particular mission, we have a role to play, a role that is useful to humanity, to living things, to the universe.”

extracts from ‘Le jour où j’ai appris à vivre‘ by Laurent Gounelle – ‘The day that I learned to live’ quote unofficially translated by Natacha Neveu @thesortinghouse.
Lac du Salagou, Cirque de Mourèze

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