In this Paradise

“We’ve got the power to do something” – Mo’Kalamity

To that lost little girl or boy with festering hurt and sadness, dislocated family, circles of close ones that poison you further, to those born on the brink of a revolution, that live through trying trials and deep dark nights, yet who can rise victorious from every battle for their soul and attempts to sacrifice their physical vessels to energetic pirates and parasites.

To those that find we have no honest history that explains the deep-reaching roots that have survived despite setting out on twisted and polluted terrains with rabid enemies, many of which have something to gain through all this manipulation and manufactured pain.

When enough is enough, it’s enough. You know?
Even in solitude, you are never truly alone.

So much has shown you the power of profound love and the duality of bubbling hate here on this corrupted, perilous plane. The wholesome peace when all is well and also the avid destruction without an ounce of reverence when it isn’t.

Yet somehow your heart still overflows with passion for innocence and truth as you know it deep within your core. You can even see it at times reflected from deep within others just like us.

You learn the ways of this illusion, you don’t fear the dark, and you stay cautious of the light. You dance around the traps and all that the posturing experts and perverted institutions try to convince you of with an earned wisdom much older than your physical years.

Your instincts stir often, honouring the current of harmonious life within.

Building upon and developing the natural, ancient ways is now all that makes sense to you despite the disintegration of all that you were taught through the toxic, polluted synthetic society that tried to fracture and snare you away from your rightful wholeness.

You are questing to foster freedom in coherent communities that protect all that is within organic integrity. You sense the driving force of nature that sustains and lifts you, lights fires in your belly and twinkles in your eye. You know it, you feel it and the time has come to recollect.

Hurry on now, the connection is possible for the worthy.

Take the next step, absorb patience from all that nature gives abundantly, build strength through sustained resilience when you are struck, resist overreaching control that wished to lead you astray and commit consistent actions to realise who you truly are through it all.

There is much love for you, you who is on this journey too, and also you who understands not this calling to reject the false promises our ancestors were lured with, to all of you regardless, even those who wish to break us, it seems necessary to thank you.

If none of it had been, this now couldn’t be, so we accept what is done and move on to a world we will proudly participate in. We may disagree on aspects, mere details, yet believe me when I say if you trust in love and life, then I want only for you to truly discover what is faithfully best and firmly outside of the misleadings we have all been assailed with.

May you find the stars to guide you safely through this treacherous earthscape experience. I bid you wisdom to know all that is true and the courage to share and support the real ones always.

Artist unknown (please contact me for credit)
(Big shout out to akaCloudette and Mo'Kalamity who I have been listening to over and over for the past few years and whose thoughts give me strength, pick me up and shine warmth on an otherwise cold world that has been designed to trick and trip us up for greedy gain. Both of these strong, natural women have contributed richly to my life in different ways and without asking for much in return. I feel incredibly inspired today in part thanks to the good vibes they emmanate, so in the spirit of honouring the real ones, especially when it could help so many others, I feel it only right to highlight this here - please do go and check out their work; akaCloudette via Skystrology™ and Mo'Kalamity via your favourite audio streaming service.)

Real music is important for the soul and I share some of my favourites in public Spotify playlists – some are extensive and I find it best to use shuffle to get a different selection, stay tuned as I update them often.

Find Mo’Kalamity amongst many other incredible recording artists on the Reggae Vibe playlist below:

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