In Water We Trust

“Washing has always been a purification ritual. That doesn’t simply mean to purify, but also – like baptism, a term that originated from the Latin baptisma and of the Greek baptizen, meaning to immerse – to impregnate with the mystery, of spiritual godliness. Washing, is the first task in the tale, in order to get things to fall back into place after they’ve been worn out. Our ideas, our values, as with clothes, all finish by going limp through wear. It’s in water that we renew and revive, that we rediscover what we believe to be fundamentally true, fundamentally sacred…”

Unofficially translated from Women Who Run With The Wolves – French version《Femmes qui courent avec les loups 》by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. An amazing book that was recommended by fellow wild woman  @ebonybuckleofficial ❤🌍

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