Relearning Health

Bioenergy – also known as prana, chi or vital energy – is what keeps the body alive and maintains an ideal state of health.

Bioenergy is available abundantly in local and in-season (therefore freshly picked) organic fruit and veg.

Processed foods: frozen, dried, canned, prepared, cooked, imported and anything that hasn’t just been picked from nature, ALL have diminished amounts of bioenergy or none whatsoever.

Anything that isn’t in its natural state and that hasn’t just been picked from nature is a dead, or dying, food item that does NOT provide us with quality bioenergy. Even cutting a fruit or vegetable causes loss of this health essential energy.

Our bodies are amazing, some home-prepared, wholesome and carefully cooked #plantbased food isn’t going to ruin our health, but the reality is we are all over-consuming food that is draining our vital energy and doing so on a far too regular basis.

Meat, alcohol, fast food and “treats” are all toxic for our health and planet, especially at the rate we consume them. The fact that this is played down in our societies is maddening at best, and suicide at worst.

The inevitable health problems of a lifestyle lacking in bioenergy is then battled with chemical medications. Drugs that only deplete and pollute our bodies and planet even further.

It’s madness when we could just be using natural, effective, holistic methods in well established and proven protocols to prevent all of that in the first place. It’s madness to see people upholding a sadistic system that does not care about our health whatsoever.

The only way to truly guarantee our long-term health is to learn for ourselves, from varied sources. What is it we are really putting in, and on, our bodies?

The choice to take control of our lives and bodies is ours, so why do we keep letting marketing propaganda and power-hungry, money grabbers influence our choices?

Love yourself, give your body the vital energy it needs with fresh fruit and veg and you will be rewarded with radiant health, nonexistent illness and pure peace of mind.

We will rise, but only if we act intelligently. That means relearning pretty much everything that was handed to us.

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