Is Astrology Wrong?

For some people, even just a whiff of discussion regarding anything to do with astrology will be enough to have their eyes rolling back in dismissal. Some of us may be indifferent either way. Whilst others ignorantly adhere to an astrology system, consult astrologers, and consume astrology apps or astrology sites with religious regularity.

Extract of Conversations on the Plurality of Worlds (1686) Bernard Le Bovier de Fontenelle.
A treatise contributing to the journey away from astrology towards science and astronomy; featuring Copernican heliocentrism and Descartes’ conception of mechanical physics.

Given what I’ve observed over the last few years, I think even if most know their alleged Sun Sign, they would still scoff at anyone seriously entertaining such “pseudoscientific” practices like astrology these days. After all, most “trust the science” and the science of today marks a distinct split in what was once a unified field of study. Yep, I’m referencing that gaping chasm that has been increasingly separating astronomy from astrology.

Those with an interest in Astro history or observing the night sky will be smirking now, “duh, obviously!” For the rest that may be thinking, “huh?” Let’s break it down, shall we?

Many sympathisers of astrology don’t realise that what’s discussed within an astrological framework concerning the positions of planets and heavenly happenings is built on illusory fabrications. Astrology speaks of planetary placements that don’t align with anything that’s physically observable. Not with our given senses, not in the sky, nor an astronomical framework.

Swathes of astrology fans, self-declared truth seekers and nature lovers that interest themselves in astrology remain ignorant of this. Unaware that the zodiac and subsequent interpretation of celestial energies via erroneous horoscope systems in standard and even alternative astrology are often purposefully limiting.

The astrological systems used by most astrologers, whether they are aware of it or not, aren’t rooted in our ever-expansive nature whatsoever. Unlike us, nature and our sky; astrology is a synthetic and closed system that is not living. It is a dead, fixed inversion of life. At best, a major oversimplification – at worst, pure lies.

Astrology, as it’s easily available to the masses and in most of its expressions, seems to be just another control system searching to restrict or provoke a certain outcome. Contributing to the covert – and at times overt – moulding and subversion of many toward a timeline for someone or something else’s gain.

It’s true that for a long time in our history astrology, along with religion, held more weight as a serious practice. Before the demonisation of astrology, many religions and rulers were deeply invested in it, thus dictating the past, present and future of our societies and consequent world views with perspectives born of astrology. Much more so than the sciences and new-fangled approach of astronomy of the times, which had a hard time breaking through religious dogma. Nowadays, this is totally inverted, with most laughing at anyone that considers the contents of a horoscope or astrology to be anything other than trivial trash. Elevating those who trust all that spawns of scientists as the holders of infallible fact. Much as was done with priests, mediums and seers of the past. As time has progressed, astronomy and science at large have increasingly sought to remove “the divine” from all proceedings, which only reinforces the beliefs of those in the cult of Scientism further.

Religiously or spiritually inclined, or not, those that do adhere to astrology systems often don’t consider that the astrological information they are consuming and programming their experience with doesn’t actually align with what can be physically seen or measured in our sky. Nor do they consider the implications of saying they are their Sun Sign or Moon or anything else!

What is also interesting to note is the number of people who critique the mainstream media for bending the truth and manipulating the population but then proceed to read the very same style of horoscopes and astrological concepts that are printed on their very pages.

I repeat; when within any astrology circles there is talk of the position of the Sun or Moon or celestial bodies, this information rarely corresponds to the measurable and/or visible positions of where our Sun and Moon, or celestial bodies are actually to be found in the sky.

This means that any supposed Sun Sign we might offhandedly claim, or any other conclusion we might make with regards to information from these astrology systems is effectively imaginary. Pure fiction. Still, this doesn’t make any of it less influential. That’s because our beliefs shape our experience and vice-versa.

Frontispiece of The Rudolphine Tables by Johannes Kepler (1627)

Sure, there can sometimes be overlap with astronomy in certain astrological approaches, where the information will align with what can be measured in the sky above us. Although, I don’t think this is through any true desire of said system to actually be representative of observable nature. Not to mention the infiltration and wilful deviation from truth that’s laced through many “Scientific” practices these days too. Basically, the manipulations are everywhere! So souls beware.

Now if you are aware of the manipulations and still wish to submit yourself to the domination of man-made, make-believe without question or personal observation, then by all means carry on. The effect of placebo/nocebo has been studied and confirms that we are much more powerful than we’ve previously been led to believe. Consequently, if you really desire to be programmed by another’s agenda, who am I to suggest anything else to you? You are grown and can do as you please. Just remember, “you are what you eat” isn’t an absurdity at all. Otherwise put, we become what we consume or like attracts like, and it behoves any individual to be wary of this and act accordingly. The ancients that codified these concepts probably knew much more than what most now give them credit for.

Yet, for those that indeed seek to align themselves with the truth in nature and all that we are an intrinsic part of, then we gotta take back our power and once again become keen observers. As much within ourselves as out, and of course, start asking more questions left, right and centre! Sooner or later, most of us that strive to reconnect with the nature we are born of will realise the level of deceit that exists amongst us and across many domains of our societies and so-called civilisations. This Astro confusion is just one more for the books.

Obviously, we can’t know what we don’t know and I don’t blame anyone for thinking that astrology is just another more spiritual interpretation of the measured, mathematical and astronomical positions, for that is what also I believed until I found Skystrology™. The Skystrology™ method is an original way of interpretation that seeks to ask more questions in respect of ancestral practices. For those that are ready to get real, Skystrology™ is openly reconnecting souls to interior truth without all the exterior infiltration and suggestions.

“We share the sky. Look up. There are no borders in the sky.”

akaCloudette, the founder and inheritor of Skystrology™

Sadly for many, the damage is somewhat done. Astrology and all the lies are now so commonplace and accepted. Even the most mystically dubious of us attach to what our supposed Sun Sign is according to astrology. Yet the accessibility of technology has given us the potential to think critically and to check many things for ourselves without depending on others. Nevertheless, many won’t be told any different, still desiring to outsource their intake of information to anyone or anything that looks or sounds “the part” without really thinking about it, so they don’t see any harm in blindly adhering to these astrology systems either.

Others might see themselves as above it all, laughing at the certainly infiltrated new-age movements or those spiritually inclined as if they’re all imbeciles, whilst clinging to science like there is no way for untruths to find their way into this financially motivated belief system either. LOLz.

Constellations Equirectangular plot of declination vs right ascension of the modern constellations, colour-coded by family and year established, with a dotted line denoting the ecliptic, by CMG Lee from Wikimedia

Some have indeed branched out to alternative astrology systems such as 13th Sign Astrology, Vedic Astrology or True Sideral Astrology etc. in a quest to appease their instinct that something isn’t quite right with Tropical Astrology. Yet still, all of these systems seek to tell you things rooted in disempowerment and dependence rather than allowing you to reconnect and discover truth for yourself.

Regardless of whether you are an astrology believer or not, we all have more or less unconsciously installed ideas of what it might mean to “be” a Star Sign like a “Scorpio” or have our “Moon in Cancer” – I’ll go into why this is problematic later. You can subscribe to email updates below to be notified of new posts:

No matter how the most scientifically orientated among us may ridicule and refuse any basis in truth – or whether one sees it all as, “just a bit of fun”– these ancestrally coded astrology ideas have definitely been received subconsciously and until we detach from them through refusal to participate, we will likely continue to be guided by them regardless. Our world is programmed into reality through symbolism and ongoing suggestions whether we know it or not. The lies are only perpetuated further by those ignorant of the effect they may have on the world and those that clearly see an industry in all the illusions.

When the penny drops on this, once we know, once we see it for ourselves and we don’t want to fall prey anymore, it all feels really silly and obvious. Yet many are unaware and helplessly stuck in the illusions, not knowing what they don’t know and leading their fellows into a warped warren of fakery. A different way is possible and can be as simple as finding compassion for those that make mistakes, ourselves included. Then muting all the astrology noise and looking up at the sky above for ourselves with a heart open to receive.

Unfortunately for now, most don’t yet want to put in the work of accomplishing their full potential in the depth of truth, nor do they want to go through the effort and growing pains that earnest introspection and learning can open us up to. They just want somebody else to tell them what to do so they don’t have to take full responsibility for the part they are supposed to be playing in the great cosmic symphony – or maybe that is the part they are supposed to be playing… just another cog in the machine? What do you think?

If you are curious about your veritable place in the world not dictated by others, my advice is to start developing a personal and profound relationship with our earth and sky. Specifically without the intervention of outside forces or fixed, superficial astrology systems that look to tell you about yourself or your alleged future. Nobody, nor nothing, ought to replace your own authority to govern your vessel and experience here.

Look up to our living sky with wonder and connect to our earth regularly. Journey within and quiet the systems and programs that have been conveniently given to you before you knew better. Once you are confident that this connection to your deepest self and the nature that surrounds us has been harmoniously established, you may desire to share your observations within conscious company. After all, we are social animals and can accomplish much more when working together.

Wherever you are in your journey, inquisitive soul, I invite you to join our Skystrological space. An online hub, recently opened by Skystrology™ founder akaCloudette, where we can learn, earn and share in all the developments of a heart-led community, curious about our place on earth and amongst the stars.

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“Stargazing is not just a hobby, it’s a Calling.”

akaCloudette, the founder and inheritor of Skystrology™

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