Mineral Mind

Do you think the humble grass compares itself to the majestic mountains all around it?

Do you think that if the intelligence in a seed could think as humans do, that the grass would hesitate to become all that it is supposed to become, much as we humans do?

Do you think it would deliberate, and maybe even abdicate, on using all the power and resources available to it to germinate and grow, just because those mountains all around it are that much bigger and mightier?

Thankfully the grass doesn’t have the same problems as us. Yet we are of this earth, seeds that are destined to grow. However far the storm may have carried us, however long the winter may have been, it’s never too late to awaken the natural intelligence that sleeps within us.

So spring forth, with the cycles of nature, learn from the dark and bloom with the light, and remember never to fear a mountain, no matter how mighty or near.

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