Support Life, Not Death

This snack wrapper was found and removed at sunset at the Etang de Thau in Sète, France. The natural saltwater lagoon is home to many visible and invisible plant and animal lives that are vital to the health of the very ecosystems that sustain human life on the planet. Plus it is unsightly! Therefore, if I see it I remove it, even you can participate in the effort too.

In spite of being aware of the state of the world and having somewhat made peace with it all, it still disappoints me to find manmade rubbish left so carelessly behind. Whether it was dropped in a city, or sneakily thrown from a window on the motorway, it is likely to end up in nature.

We even wrote a book about it called The Englishman Who Wanted to Clean France@theenglishsnail @lescargotanglais.

Some think we are mad. I guess we just love life; humans, plants, animals, our whole planet basically, and we want to protect it from this toxic and preventable pollution. Most people on this path often struggle to comprehend why this isn’t more important to our fellows.

It’s important to remember that if people are consuming such toxic food in the first place, poisoning their very own bodies, why would they have any issue with poisoning others and the planet?

People can’t start to love their planet, to love and care for others, until they truly and wholly love themselves, not just their ego. Loving oneself means not consuming things that are harmful to one’s body. Loving oneself means working hard to learn what is actually good for one’s body.

Bizarrely, everything that is good for one’s body is also biodegradable and completely natural with no or little processing and all waste from such sources only further enrich the life on this planet. The things that are bad for our health use excessive resources, produce toxic waste and promote death both within our bodies on a cellular level, but also on our planet at a global level.

The question in itself is simple. Do you want to support life? Or do you want to support death?

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