Multidimensional Musings

Mankind has done some good and bad things. It seems things continue in the logical flow of how things work here, for now. It also seems that it is impossible for us to know what we do not know, for now. This is obviously normal, you’ll say…

Yet, what intrigues me the most is the lack of desire amongst us to know more than before, and maybe with this acquired knowing even avoid repeating the same vicious cycles that have been playing out for such a long time now.

So many of us are content to be told what to do, how to do it and when just for a taste of a material illusion that ultimately destroys the very vessel that makes it all possible in the first place, our very own body. So many of us are herded efficiently by deranged ring leaders, intelligent technology and distorted information, forgetting the infallible organic compass that exists within each and every one of us. Forgetting our very essence as living beings on this incredible planet.

We have received an abundance of innate gifts from nature. Amongst them are logic, sense and instinct; tools that are to be powered by an un-programmed brain, a clean gut and an open heart, but most importantly a deep connection to ourselves as energy integrated natural, organic beings of this earthly plane.

Evermore interesting it is then, that in our modern societies everything, it seems, is organised to destabilise our natural compass, be it just a coincidence or not (!) we can no longer deny that we’ve allowed for some silly decisions along the way, collectively and individually.

Fed on trash, living amongst trash and spouting trash, it indeed seems that humanity has gotten good at participating in things that are ultimately bad for them. Is this really the legacy we want to leave behind for our children to live in?

There is little point in victimising ourselves or pointing fingers at others. We ‘up in here’. Nobody is going to fix this for us. So I can’t help but wonder, what we gunna do about it?

Sing peace, prepare for war. Clean your vessel and tune it up.
The attack is multidimensional, you may as well be prepared.

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