Nature Connection

There’s something so special about you, find it and honour it.

For those with a connection to nature, it is incredibly humbling to realise that we are nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Yet with our collective human desire to prove that we are something, we have embarked on a voyage of destruction.

A voyage filled with material obsessions and toxic behaviour that destroys the planet we find ourselves sustained by during the time spent in our physical vessels.

For many, it seems that all we can do is step back and watch the massacre of life and nature unfold, trying where we might to make a difference, however possible.

Although I feel that rude times are coming, I prefer to seed this message with hope. Hope for unity, hope for clarity, hope for humanity.

Currently, it seems that many are hell-bent on assimilating principles that destroy our organic connection further, what this will truly result in, only time will tell.

However, it would be wise to tread carefully, with all the information available, instead of making any rash decisions along with the crowd. Rash decisions often propelled by material obsessions that do nothing but destroy life within and all around us.

Please do not succumb to folly, take a step back into your reality, learn about the reality of others, teach yourself deeper than you’ve ever been taught. There is mystery all around us, don’t lose that spark of curiosity that makes you so special, and when it all seems too much, remember you’re not that big a deal.

You’re breathing, your heart is beating and you are part of this world, that is as special as it is insignificant. Don’t you want to know more about that? Ask more questions. Go deep. Explore the shadows of your essence and expression, for only then will things become clear.

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