Out of This World

We know the surface of the moon better than we do the ocean floor.

Spending more time discovering our planet’s oceans is essential if we are to understand anything. After all, the majority of the air we breathe and the climate we live in is regulated in large parts by the ocean. Finding an appreciation for something so vital to our lives is important, for our own wellbeing, but also for that of the planet.

There is an entire treasure trove of mystery underneath the surface and we are destroying it before even learning, understanding or finding out in-depth about its secrets and incredible ecosystems, how they are essential to our lives, and how they function as the building blocks to all life on earth.

It’s really easy to show interest. Instead of watching the bad news on TV or moronic reality shows and pointless sitcoms. Watch a documentary, go snorkelling, learn to dive, read some instructive books – there is a whole other world to discover below the surface and you’ll be dumbfounded once you do. Once we know what is keeping us alive and how it functions, it isn’t hard to find the energy to protect it, and in turn ourselves and our future.

We are ALL responsible for this.
We can ALL make a difference.
We can ALL do something.
We can ALL do more than nothing.
We must ALL play our part.
We can ALL turn this around.

I always leave the beach (any natural space really, and some streets too) much cleaner than I found it. It’s my small act, a sign of gratitude and reverence for the vital energy the coast has replenished me with. Anyone can do their part to protect it so that others may feel replenished when they visit and connect with these spaces too.

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