Small Actions Build Big

Everything I do, I do for you.

Water, source of life on Earth.
Provider of incredible abundance and bearer of devastating decimation.

I am forever in awe of what water has allowed us to accomplish, and completely terrified of what we are allowing ourselves to do to it. Knowing that our brothers and sisters in some parts of our world are more likely to see this post on their smartphone than be granted easy access to clean water is harrowing.

Whether it is by destabilising vital ecosystems through destructive mass fishing and farms, pollution via land farming or mismanagement and overproduction of waste and garbage. Most items we “depend on” are on average ours for just 42 days before going to landfill and/or polluting our cities, nature and water for decades more.

You read that correctly; we extract limited resources, destroy natural habitats and put ourselves in danger for something that is in our possession for less than 2 months, before we trash it, and the toxins from it leach back into our water and food chain for eons. How are we allowing this?

Not only are we putting ourselves in danger with our disregard for the consequences of our actions. We are wiping out much of our natural heritage along with us. It’s madness, especially when we can change all of this.

Our planet and our water’s health is vital to our human survival on so many levels. The ocean itself sustains our lives much more than we appreciate.

If you feel called to do something but don’t know what, here are some simple ideas; you can invest in a refillable glass or stainless steel drinks bottle and remember to take it with you everywhere. Refuse single-use plastic in coffee shops, restaurants, takeaways, think outside the box, or rather think reusable box, straw, cutlery, mugs and napkins.

Stop all consumption of fish and seafood, leave it for the animals that depend on it to survive, plus we have plenty other things we can eat that isn’t contaminated with microplastics and toxins.

Shop sustainably, and ethically. Look for brands that make it clear what their values are. Certainly buy less, recycle more and try every day to do better than before. Small actions build big momentum.

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