Our Duty

Isn’t it weird that we know more about the surface of Mars than we do about our planet’s oceans?

The secrets are many, and our foolishness just as vast. For we are likely to destroy many of these underwater treasures without even having an inkling of their existence, secrets that could have held the key to so many enigmas and solved so many of our manmade problems.

Many incredible scientific discoveries are being made in spite of the limited funding and desire to discover and protect our oceans. Yet we can only hope to safeguard our future if we, non-scientific people like you and me, can learn about the importance of our planet’s healthy waters and do everything in our power to protect them.

That means having a little think, regularly, about how we can swap out things in our lives that generate too much waste. Research planet, animal and human-friendly companies and choose to invest our hard-earned spending money on better products for ourselves and our planet. It is much easier than they want us to believe because if we change, they have no choice but to change.

Reduce consumption of meat, start small and build momentum, it gets easier. Stop fish and seafood completely, other animals that are on the brink of extinction have no other dietary choices available, we do. Also, it’s worth noting that wild and farmed fish and seafood is insanely polluted nowadays, it really isn’t even healthy anymore. So have a read up on the facts and stop poisoning yourself and the planet by consuming it.

Fashion and industry has moved so fast, turning over the same trends again and again. With so many clothes and products already made, second-hand shopping has enough to please any wardrobe or homeware taste.

I know, somethings can’t be bought second hand, but there are so many transparent, responsible brands who are constantly trying to do better, just like us. There really is no excuse for continuing to fund anything that isn’t clear or respecting of ecological and ethical engagements.

We are all responsible, responsible for our knowledge, for our bodies and for our planet, our home. It is our duty to play actively. Now step up, this is your call.

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