The Age of Information

We live in the age of information. Never have we had so much knowledge at our fingertips, never have we been so connected to perfect strangers. Yet, can we honestly say that we are using these tools wisely?

With so much content and connections available to us, our whole personality and habits are conveniently categorised into marketing databases for sale to the highest bidders. Along with this reality comes the deliberate and accidental misinformation, all curated and designed to provoke a well studied, planned human emotion and profitable thought pattern. So how do we decipher between what is true and what isn’t? How do we protect our energy from this kind of exploitation?

By getting to know ourselves inside out. Literally. The more time we spend cultivating an innerstanding of the world we live in, the true history of it, and all its biodiversity. From the minuscule to the gigantesque, from the bacteria in the ground to the chemicals of the stars. Not a single thing is pointless, not a single one is separate from the other, the rest is but a beautifully messy illusion of separation.

Through cultivating an innerstanding of the soul that occupies the physical body, we are able to distinguish and trust in what is true to us in this world. Thus avoiding the waste of time, energy or money when we invest in things that are not actually in line with our values and who we truly are in this world.

By learning to discover ourselves much more than superficially, by using our eyes and not the ones society gave us, we learn more than can be imagined about what is legit and just. Know thyself truly and thy will know truth, right?

Either way, with a foundation like that, we are much less likely to fall prey to manipulative tactics designed to drain us of our life force, money, time and energy.

When we know truth, we are as powerful as the sun, as bright as the moon. When we know unity, we can alchemise them. Yet to cross the bridge to truth, we must remain open to receiving it and wise enough to recognise it, in all its diversity.

Sun, moon who shine bright, in truth we unite. 🖤

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.”


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